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Twilight, Volume 4 – Breaking Dawn
August 5, 2008, 8:38 am
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Now that Breaking Dawn has finally debuted, what do you think?  Have you finished reading it yet?  How long did it take? Is it predictable?  Shocking?  What do you think of the ending?  Did you love it?  Hate it?

If you’ve read it, submit your review at our website for a chance to win free stuff!

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OMG I love breaking dawn its so good… I wasnt even expecting nessi or jacob lol Its wonderful

Comment by Jessica


Comment by Courtney

this book was the best…!!
everything was sooo unexpected!

Comment by Dayhana

the best book of the series, it was totally amazing. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Dayanara

i like you josh, you’re fabulousssss!

Comment by michelle

I Loved It And She’s Renesmee not Nessie Lol I Loved It I Freaked Out When She Way Dying Though and When Irina Saw Nessie and When Alice Disappeared….. Lol

Comment by Kate

you couldnt predict this book no matter how hard you tried. after meyers last 3 books any thing can happen in this one.fantastic series by the way

Comment by craig

it sucked

Comment by abby

i thought that this was the best one….i love edward and bella!!!! glad they got there happy ending =)

Comment by jennifer

It was predictable, cliche, and looked like it was made of every single fanfiction ever written was somehow smashed in. The other books were better.

Comment by K

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