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Twilight cast!

Check out Stephanie Meyer’s website for cast pictures of Twilight the movie! Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory from HP & the Goblet of Fire) has been signed to play Edward.

What do you think about the casting choices? Who would you choose?

Update: Some of you have commented that the picture of Robert Pattinson that has been posted here is not the most flattering, so I’ve changed it.


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Personally, i think that robert was a bad choice, there is no lighter way to put it. i kno that stephenie loves the choice, but (this is gonna hurt)it’s-just-the-wrong-opinion!*waits 4 mob outside her house* He is even kind of ugly and sooo doesn’t have the edward gaze right…

Comment by augusky

At first I wasn’t thrilled, but now I think he is a good choice. I think he will be able to pull off Edward very well. I’ve seen some very Edward like pictures of him on the net and I will totally excited to see this movie when it comes out in December.

Comment by Megan

I think they, (the cast) Robert included will do fine.. he’s really getting into the part and thats kinda what counts right? as long as he puts his heart into it, it can’t be that bad can it?…he should work on the gaze though.

Comment by Jen

I agree! There is no way Pattison is right for this role. Edward is suppose to be THE image of perfection and lets just say Pattison doesnt have what it takes. And when he tries to do the famous Edward gase he …well …he kind of looks stoned [no offence]. Not trying to be mean but after reading the book we have high expectations and if they dont get Edward right it will ruin the movie.

Comment by Lina

good to know I will see if there is any girls that are intrested.

Comment by john

i would of chosen micheal barber.
because he is the hottest 7th grader ever to have been spawned. and he totally fits the Ed style!!

p-o peace out

Comment by jessie.

Ahh!!! Why is he playing Edward?! Tom Sturridge is so much better! …Robert Pattison doesn’t fit the part of Edward…and Edward is what’s going to attract most people anyways! ughh!!

Comment by Rebecca

no offense but whoever chose that cast is…..i cant say…and also robert’s face is seriously SQUARE!

Comment by a person

yah when i found out robert was playing edward i was devestated and almost cryed(totally not lying) but over the past few months i’ve looked up pictures of him and i think that he can pull it off but he’s never going to satisfy everone because everyone has there own opinion of what edward looks like you know.

Comment by MyEdWaRd

I personally love robert!!!!!! I think he is a great actor with tons of potential. I look forward to seeing him as Edward.

I do admit, he could work on the gaze…

Comment by twilight fan

EW EW EW y is he playing edward??

Comment by random person

I don’t like it…I prefer the last!!!Scuseme if my english isn’t perfest, but I am an Italian girl!!hi!

Comment by Giulia

i think he was really hott in harry potter 4
he’s just not photogenic at all
as long as they pick a good jacob i dont care b/c i hate edward anyway.

Comment by meghan

Robert definatelly does not math the part, but maybe he’ll be able to pull it off. You never know. I mean, I didn’t like Daniel Radcliffe playing the role of Harry Potter at first, but now I like him. But I also think the actor to be chosen for Edward’s character should have been a bit more handesome and muscular. Robert’s kind of scrawny and funky-looking. =/

Comment by Kailee

Well….. if all of you are QUITE FINISHED…
i’ll have to admit, i didn’t think Robert would be a good Edward, but now i think he can pull it off. everyone has a different view of ‘the perfect Edward’, so, OBVIOUSLY, not everyone is going to get what they want. if shephenie thinks he will be a fantastic Edward, thats all that matters. it is HER imagination that created him, not yours, so just give it a rest.

[Note from Teen Scene Adiminstrator: Everyone’s opinion is welcome – keep the discussion going!]

Comment by Sherrell

ERRRR!!! I don’t want him to play Edward.. He better do a good job at playing Edward or else i’ll be pissed. They should have chosen someone else to play Edward. They should have gotten a guy that was more muscular and way hotter.

Comment by Jill

OMG!!! tht is so true this guy IS NOT the God like creature Edward Cullen!!! Y HIM?? anyone but HIM!!! im SO annoyed now!!! the twilight magic is lost….

Comment by Abbie

From all the wonderfull choices amongst wonderfull actors they have for Edward, THIS was the WORST choice they could ever made. Robert is absolutely, totally, 100% wrong as Edward.
Edward is a mythical creature, he looks like a roman god, his beauty withstand the test of time…. Robert looks like a dirty, filthy junky… UGH!

Comment by Katt

No!No! No! don’t use him for Edward! your making a bad choice! HES UGLY!!!!! YOU HEAR ME ? DONT DO IT !!!!!

Comment by allie

awful, terrible choice u_U

robert doesn’t give you the feeling of eternal contrast (life/death monster/human love/hate…) that Edward does


Comment by Karliii

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Edward should be WAY HOTTER!!!!this is a bad choice very very very bad choice!

Comment by ELizabeth

Edward is a fictional character, Robert Pattinson is never going to be the perfect Edward for all readers of the Twilight series because everyone imagines him differently. Robert Pattinson is a great actor and I think he will portray Edward perfectly πŸ™‚

Comment by Lara

Omg U GUYS R SOOOO RITE I WAS SO P.O.ed at there choice (no offense.) he’s ok but he’s not edward hot and neither is rosalie or alice. jeesh. idk who i woulda casted but definently not him (once again no offense like seriously.)

Comment by Twilight Luver

I think he is fine

Comment by Emily

I think Robert pattinson is a great actor but I soooo do not like him as our Edward. I want the guy from charmed! and whats up with the Esme choice?

Comment by angie

robert is DEAD ugly.
very very very very bad choice for edward.
there were other people who werent bad and some perfect…and noooo…they didnt pick him.
edward is suppose to be drop dead gorgeous, NOT drop dead ugly. i seriously thought and first that this choice would ruin the movie for me. come on…james is hotter than him and thats not how it should be. Lets just hope that his acting will overshadow his uglyness

the end

Comment by cassie and katelyn

BLAH!!! edward and the whole cast sucks …now the movie is gona suck …the book is great … juat read the book…the movie is gona suck!!!

Comment by Audrey

Yep-Tom Sturridge is HAWTER!!

Comment by Chibivampia

i think he is a GREAT choice. hes hot n i think dat he’ll be good playing the role of edward. im excited!

Comment by Genie

ok. i dont think robert was the perfect choice for edward…but you have to admit that, besides the gaze, he does fot…because he has the vampire aura…but with the image of wanting to be human..and he has alot of hot potential..besides you have to remember that the casting directors not only look at parts individually, but as a whole…and the cullen family, as a whole, was cast in perfection=]

Comment by Adrean

I was devastated when I figured out Robert was going to be playing Edward.
He looks NOTHING like the Edward I’ve imagined.
I prefer Gaspard Ulliel then Robert, because unlike Robert, Gaspard just SCREAMS Edward.
But i’ll deal with it, and i’ll still watch the movie.
Even though I am not happy AT ALL with their choice with Robert.
He looks nothing close to perfection.
I’m happy with Kristen playing as Bella, though.
Even though I wanted Bella to be Emily Browning and Gaspard Ulliel to be bella+edward.
Search on google, ‘gaspard and emily’ or ‘gaspard ulliel emily browning’ or something like that, because some pictures show up with them together for twilight, and it’s amazing. they fit so much for bella and edward.

Comment by sarah

I actually like the choice for Edward and I may be one of the few. I’m actually tired of hearing complaints. I mean there is no one possibly gorgeous enough to play Edward. Stephanie Meyer made Edward to be, in our eyes, a god like figure. No one on this earth is perfect enough. Robert Pattinson is a good choice not only because of his looks but because of his acting skill. He may have played as Cedric but that doesn’t mean he can’t play Edward. I know that everyone is complaining but the fact of the matter is when the movie comes out the complainers are going to be one of the first people to see the movie and then talk about how great it was. I think people just need to give him a chance and let the images of your own perfect Edward go. Of course you could still picture Edward to be the way you want him to be but keep an open mind. I will admit the Edward I had imagined doesn’t look like Robert Pattinson but I have accepted the fact that he is a good choice. There is no need to hate because he doesn’t meet your standards. In reality there is no way possible they could have picked someone to play Edward that would satisfy all of the Twilight fans. Everyone has their own imagination, and if you can use it to make up Edward in your minds then use it to see Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen. No amount of complaining will change anything so start imagining.

Comment by Sherhonda

I totally agree! Gaspard Ulliel is great for Edward. I really cannot believe robert is gunna be Edward! They make Edward sound so hawt and sexy in the book, but robert is just crap(no offense). i dont wanna watch the movie anymore. it is ruined

Comment by jt

I highly disagree about the movie being crap. I don’t think thats possible for Twilight to be crap. I will watch the movie and even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to I still won’t say it’s crap. I think those are some pretty harsh words coming from a supposed Twilight fan. Once again I will say the choices are final and he will play Edward and I think he will be good at it.

Comment by Sherhonda

Jim sturgess should pla Edward..just saying…look up jim Sturgess on goole if u want to see my opinion of that. Thanks

Comment by jamie

This is a TERRIBLE choice i think it should have been someone like… Tom Sturridge! But Hey thats just ME!

Comment by

sorry for my horrible english (i’m from italy)
but WHY HIM???????!!!! gaspard ulliel, GASPARD ULLIEL he’s the one who can intepret Edward!!! i don’t care about robert’s skills in acting because gaspard ulliel is better in acting too (remeber that him acted in annibal lecter!!robert pattinson? in harry potter… DISGUSTING!)

Comment by angrygiulia

they are filming this movie at my school!

Comment by jean

I don’t thnik he’s that attractive but I still like Robert Pattinson. HE is Edward Cullen.

Comment by Sherhonda


Comment by sageclair

i have to admit that i am a little upset that they got him to be edward and i really do think Emily Browning and Gaspard Ulliel would be much better actors for them as well but i will still watch the movie and it will still be my all time favorite movie

Comment by Kira

I believe that the choice for edward was completely wrong he is not a guy you would your life for but more like a guy you would let a dragon eat. He is not right he is suppose to be sexsual beautiful like its not his fault he is so irrestiable but the harry potter reject is more like a bad tasting toothpaste. I mean they killed him in harry potter for a reason. I’ll give you a hint HE CAN NOT ACT TO SAVE HIS LIFE!!!!!!!!

Comment by Jenni

i think he is butt ugly!!! they should have picked henry cavill he is a total hottie and he would make the perfect edward im like totaly in love with him….in my mind he looks exactly like edward cullen! so personally i think they made the worst choice they will ever make!!! im very dissapointed in you guys, may i ask, what were you thinking???update-robert pattison=very bad choice, henry cavill=way beter choice……BAD!!!

Comment by amy

noo!! i love robert he is very cute but no! i think that edward is more handsome than he! i think that Drew Fuller is an excellnt actor who can do this character!! … but what we can do??? …

Comment by dan

At first, i wasn’t thrilled about the choice for Edward, but then i got to thinking. He, and the rest of the cast, aren’t going to fit into everyones imagination of Edward. So what can we do but accept the choice that’s been made, after all it’s going to be how he acts that’s the decider. And so long as he acts with all that he’s got then he, and the rest of the cast, will be the best cullens, swans, blacks etc that there can be.

Comment by amy

I love the Twilight series…….. but I just imagine HIM as the Edward in the book. Most of the other characters are okay although the one to act Bella is a pretty bad choice too

Comment by Twilight

i think that gaspard ulliel would have done a better job

Comment by ally

i totaly think that gaspard would have been a better choice…

Comment by tsunda

i wish every one would stop complaining about robert. most of the pictures you see of him arn’t taken by the most skilled photagraphers and it wont matter what he looks like in the pics he look absalootly HOT in the movie look @ stephani myers page and you can see the entire cast. Luv twilight

Comment by alex

Many people disagree with the choice of Robert patterson playing edward….. WHAT EVER!!!!! the next thing to perfect is a model but most are to dumb and at least hes got acting skills and hes not photogenic which is ok not all people are. if you IMAGINED him being the image of perfection then you need to think about that NO ONE IS PERFECT! alot of people said the same thing about bella and how they imagined her to look different but seriously….. its a book pple take a chill pill about who is playing who in the movie it will turn out good either way.

Comment by alex

Hey Guys I know I’m a Guy n’all but I read the book (I’m a book worm)And This particular guy isn’t the stuff I imagined, but, almost every movie I watched, that is based on a book I have read, has been disapointing I don’t know what made me think Twilight would be different!!! Rosalie bettered be hot!!!

Comment by Josh

NO! he isnt right for playing Edward! I dont think he can pull off playing such an important roll as Edward’s is!

Comment by Rachel

I think Rob is good for the part…he can’t be perfect cuz no one looks as beautiful as edward does

Comment by Bekah

when i saw him, i said “ohmygah, this IS edward.” i think hes perfect for the part. the looks, atleast. πŸ™‚

Comment by april

hey I’m writing from Belgium and this actor looks just like in my imagination when I read the story.
This is the perfect person for Edward Cullen the other actors are olso perfect only Carlisle . I tought he had long hair but … I can’t wait until the movie comes out in belgium (february 2009)and Eclipse comes out in august!!!It’s unfair!!!
greetzzz from belgium!!!:-)

Comment by fientje

robert pattinson is blah..
i dk.
like he only looks sorta liked edward with a ton of makeup, the right lighting, and specific angles.
i was disspointed when i found out he’s playing edward… and the whole cast i’m dissapointed with. kristen’s too pretty to play bella. edward to ugly to play edward. alice’s too not-bubbly. rosalie’s not pretty enough. emmett needs to be bigger. jasper’s hair looks like a weave. carlisle and esme are sorta what i expected, but not really. before they did anything, they shoulda let us do a poll or something on her site. oh well. just thought i would put my thoughts out there since everyone else is.
i know it’s too late, however i’m only human :]

Comment by TheBUtt

I agree with sherrel, that it is truely Stephenie’s imagination that accually created Edward, but in MY imagination, this doesn’t fit Edward in the slightest. If any of you have seen him, Colton Haynes should be Edward. alot of people I have talked to have said he is a HORRIBLE actor, but with his looks, I dont give a crap. xD he is very very hot, and his slideshows on youtube shows how much he fits Edward. serious. look it up. I accually have a friend that REFUSES to go to the movie because of robert playing Edward. She also wanted colton. oh well, makeup and good acting might save robert’s life.

Comment by Not pleased

Well… I really dont like any of the casting say for Bella, I think they got her dead on.I have also seen the different actors that ppl would have wanted for Edward and I think I would have liked them a lil bit better. I would have wanted Kyle Schmid. But i am just happy that the book comes out before the moive that way it cant wreck what I see in my head when I read it.

Comment by Joe

I wasn’t too happy at first with Robert but he is hot in some pictures. Still, he’s not quite Edward. Honestly, I think William Becket from the band The Academy Is… would be a PERFECT Edward.
Look him up! He had the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect eyes…he even has a crooked smile!! Look him up, people, and look at his lips when he smiles, they are adorably crooked!!

Comment by Tilla

so i think robert was NOT a good choice for edward. obviously he needs to shave… and do something about his wild hair and work on the gaze. but i think he’ll do an ok job of it. he does have the crooked smile, but they better get gold & black contacts for his eyes πŸ˜€ i guess i’ll just say that im not watching the movie, because there is no one on this planet earth that is perfect enough to be edward. so he’ll have to remain in my imagination.

Comment by karli

I was horribly dissapointed in finding out the cast for the Twilight movie. The people are all wrong for it. It’s not at all what I imagined in the book. I don’t think I’ll even go see the movie because I’m so deeply disturbed by the choices that have been made. While reading Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse books, I couldn’t quite picture Edward’s perfect face. But when I saw who was going to play him, it felt all wrong!!!None of the vampires and even Bella have been matched right. This isn’t going to be good. grrrr…..

Comment by Meghan

I absolutely love the books and I think that casting Robert as Edward Cullen is great! I can’t wait to see the film seeing as I’m completely obsessed with the books. By the way, when is the film?

Comment by Jess

The movie is due out December 12, 2008. Here’s more info (courtesy of IMDB):

Comment by nileslibya

What do you people know anyway? Stephenie Meyer wrote the book. She knows what he looks like. And I am reading the books over and as I read I can see him being Edward. I think he is perfect. So stuff all you people that don’t think Robert Pattinson can pull it off! I personally think Kristen Stewart is the wrong person for Bella. But I still believe if she can act the part then she can be her.

Comment by jaimee08

i think he is perfect for edward cullen.i admit (rather unwillingly) this picture isn’t particularly attractive or flattering, but some of the others are. I hope the movie is good,the book was amaaaaaaazing. Robert better make british people proud!

Comment by jane

Uhmm…Come on..Steph im sorry i love the books and everything me and my friend even fought over who gets Edward (i won,yay) but please pull yourself together…No offences Pattison…But your not good enough to play Edward you need something more muecells and something more WACHA! that will make ppl fall for him and picking the kid from Shark boy & Lava Girl for Jacob …Jesues crist PLEASE STEPH CHANGE JACOB AND EDWARD!
P.s.Im 13 therefor there could be spelling mistakes.

Comment by Maria

I think that he’ll be amazing in this movie. Plus I think he’s pretty hot.

Comment by Nicole

i know robert is not perfect, and edward it’s suposed to be the reflection of perfection.!
but i also have to say that this photo does not give him to much credit.
’cause if u see it without the beard & with a little make-up on it, he is just.. perfect as it should be!!
he looks so pale without the sun on his face!
he is almost perfect 4 the role.
so give the guy a break, he is just perfect, and you will love how it looks like on the film..
just look for photos of the film on Stephenie’s website and u will see what i’m writing about.

Comment by ana

hey i think the guy playing Edward is GREAT!!!! twilight is my FAVORITE book!!!! lol and its true! Edward is my FAVORITE character. well g2g so bye!!^^

Comment by haley


Comment by Jennifer

Sooo not and edward tho…cute…but not edward! good job on jacob tho…….

Comment by Chelly ( a total twilight freak!)

That picture doesn’t do him justice. Go scan the web for some movie shots, they’re amazing. He really can fit the part, give it a chance and don’t be so overly dramatic. Its not the end of the damn world. Be open to change, embrace it.
Rob and Kristen Stewart look fantastic together. Great casting.

Comment by hayles

omg…robert pattinson. u hav 2 b joking…i wuld DEFINATELY prefer chase crawford…*sigh..o wel…robert ABSOLUTELY does NOT fit edward..AT ALL…anyway. tata xx (THE BOOKS R FRIKIN AMAZING!!! luv them)

Comment by kim

Sry,but I think that Robert is the perfect choice!I like his way to watch,he isn’t like every other boy or man.Like Edward.He is unique and I think he is a beautiful perfect Edward.

Comment by Natalie

That actor is a sucky choice for Edward’s character!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Fred Myers

Edward,Esme,Carlisle,Rosalie,Jasper,and Eric look nothin like i pictured.Bella,Emmett,Alice,and Mike look exactly as i pictured.I mean come on Rosalie with brown hair?!Edward does not look hot neither does Jasper.Hottest guys in this movie r James and emmett.this is disappointing couldnt they have tried 2 make it look a little bit like them.Edward and Jasper could b hotter Mikes hotter then them i thot vampires r supposed to b the breathtakin ones.They r all hot Except jasper and edward but come on make them look like the characters!!!!The book was great but the movie probably wont b.But didnt yall picture edward different same w jasper And hello rosalie has blonde hairnot wat i pictured at all who ever agrees w me please comment bac but the book was asewomee

Comment by jordan

i think robert pattinson is an ok option for edward. we dont know much about it yet since the movies so far away from coming out. we should give this guy a chance. but..i really think that robert should get more built for this role, he doesnt really fit the muscular build of edward.

Comment by Karol

OMG!! robert was HOT as cedric diggory..but i fell in love with edward cullen and he was a GOD in my imagination..and robert simply doesnt pass the test..i suggest Jeremy Sumpter Henry Cavill or Alex Pettyfer to play the role of edward THEY r hot;P

Comment by Katrina

ohmygosh robert is like, not the image of edward i had in my head while reading the book. when i found out he was edward, i was super shocked. but after i looked at some of the shots, i guess he looks better with all the makeup and lighting stuff lah. haha. stephenie meyer said that robert was the perfect choice for edward- dangerous and beautiful. BUT I DONT SEE THAT. haha.

Comment by abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

Okay, no one will ever be good enough to play Edward, because Edward is a fictional character who is just about every girl’s definition of the perfect boy. Even if the most attractive, suave actor was asked to play him, and he did a wonderful job, people would still go unsatisfied because EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT TASTES. So stop saying the man is ugly, I’m sure he’ll be fine.
I just want to clear that up. But why on earth is Shark Boy playing Jacob?

Comment by Katey

Wow. At first I was incredibly upset that Robert was chosen. He’s not a bad actor, but he just…isn’t Edward. But the more I look at pictures of him for Twilight, the more i begin to believe that he may just be able to pull it off. He’s not perfect, but he’s okay. And whoever (above somewhere) said that Jim Sturgess should play Edward. OMG you’re right. I am like in LOVE with him and he is the PERFECT Edward!!!! If you look at some of his pics he has the whole gaze thing down, which Robert has to work on. I think Mr. Pattinson also might have trouble with Edwards laugh. But who knows. Well just have to wait and see for the movie. I still can’t help feeling a little disappointed though… ❀

Comment by Melissa

yeah i totally agree.. i hate that you all picled HIM for EDWARD.. edward hott. hes not!!

Comment by ClareBOJ

omg!!!!!! i looove robert pattinson!! i think he is the perfect one for edward!

Comment by alyssa

Robert is the farthest thing from my mind that I could ever picture as Edward. Tom Sturridge would have been PERFECT!! Robert’ll probably play the part well. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself. Why else would they have casted him? But it’s definately gonna make me sad. Out of all the actors available, they chose HIM?

Comment by Angela

Robert isn’t the greatest choice for edward. He is sooo not right. I think that stephenie’s choice is way better for edward. It’s not that robert is a bad actor….definately not, he just doesnt have the edward face…..anyways, I do think that he will pull off the part well*I’m such a hypocrite*XD!!!!!
Emmetts’ actor isn’t bad, but some of my friends are biased. One says that he looks totally WRONG!!! I don’t think so, ha just needs the curly hair.
As far as the other actors, I think they couldn’t have gotten a better person for Carlisle!!!! He is (almost) exactly how I pictured him! Jasper has the same comment as Carlisle. Rosalie’s actress, well, lets just leave it at the fact that she IS the part!
Alice is another that my friends think the producers got wrong. I don’t think so, the actress is set and ready for this movie!!!!(yes, I do know their names, but I don’t know which is which is which, they’re all mixed up on Stephenies’ web. Not to mention I’m too lazy to find out who is who. I only know Edward and Bellas’ actors.*cries*)
So, to end my silly, scatterbrained ranting, I think the actors are all perfect!(still a hypocrite!!!DX)

Comment by xi-xi

yah…..robert really needs to work on the smoldering gaze….he looks dead when he tries(no pun intended)
all the other actors are really good though!


Comment by Marie

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He can’t play Edward!!!!!!!
This is awfull!!!! He’s gonna make the movie suck!
He doesn’t look the part, in fact…he’s ugly!!!
This is awfull!!!!!!!!!!
He’s ugly and he doesn’t even have the Edward gaze right. Who was stupid enough to cast him????

Comment by Breeze

. . .Yuck! Robert can’t play Edward! He looks nothing like him! (no offense to anyone who admires him)
Edward is supposed to be good looking beyond comprehension! Robert doesn’t have the capabilities to look gorgeous AND dangerous at the same time! Dangerous, I’d give him that, but there’s no way he’s “pretty”.
To be honest, I’m not happy with any of the actors for the Cullens =[[. I think they could have found a much more beautiful Rosalie for one example! And Emmett. I love Emmett to death, not like I love Edward, but he’s very enthusiastic and dramatic, and the chosen actor doesn’t fit Emmett. And one of my favorite characters, Alice. When I saw who they chose for Alice, my heart just sank. I love Alice to death, and the actor chosen doesn’t have the pixie like angelic features Alice has! And I hate what they’ve done to her hair. It’s not even cropped short like it says in the book. I’m afraid to say that the actor chosen will have a lot of difficulty portraying Alice =[[.
I wish that every one working on this flim (particularly those who cast the roles) had read the books intently! If that had occurred, then we’d have much better suited actors for each of the Cullens. . .I don’t like any of the actors chosen for the Cullens! =[[

Comment by Lindsey

I am so upset with their choice for Edward! There’s no way he can pull off the deadly (yet luring) gaze-like hypnosis Edward can do! Personally, I would have loved to see Hayden Christensen play Edward.
I’m disapponted with the actors chosen for the Cullens =[[. Rosalie could have been much much prettier (like she is in the book), Emmett doesn’t have that enthusiastic and dramatic loving trait, and Alice. . .I am particularly disappointed with the actor chosen for Alice, her being one of my favorite characters. She looks nothing like her! Alice is that angelic pixie-like girl who’s very spunky and over-the-top and yet, still loveable! And her hair is supposed to be cropped short! And it’s not! =[[

Overall, none of the actors playing the Cullens are. . .good enough! Whoever was casting the roles should have read the series. . .multiple times!

Comment by Lindsey Warner

hey, okay I am a huge fan of the series and I ahve read each book twice. They are great. But come on….HIM! why? That is so messed up. find
someone that is really hott. πŸ™‚

Comment by Emily

Sooooo NOT Edward!!!!! I mean, seriously, could they have picked a worse person for Edward!???XP*dies* Anyone who has read the series at least twice could have done a better job of picking the Cullen cast!!
The actress for Alice doesn’t have the spunky, hyper quirk that makes up Alice. Not to mention the hair. It isn’t short enough, ugh!
They got Emmett totally wrong. 1. He doesn’t have the baby face 2. His hair isn’t long and curly like Emmetts’. and 3. ……Well, he is just not right! Emmett is a loveable, huggable brotherly person, his actor is not.
Jasper, okay, I’ll admit that they didn’t do too bad a job for him, but he is lacking in something….can’t put my finger on it though…
Rosalie needed to be 10x as beautiful as the actress is(okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but still!!!!)
I am really disappointed that they didn’t get Esme right! She looks so much more motherly than that!! If I could, I would love to be her biological daughter!(Sorry mom! Still love you!(don’t hate me!!))
They got Carlisle pretty close, but the actor looks too old….like in his mid to late thirties or something, no offense.(I know that sounds harsh and mean, but it’s true!!)
The only person they nailed was Bella. Kristen is absolutely perfect!!!! Although, the first picture they took of her, she looked kinda like she had a bad night…..
I would comment on Jacob’s actor, but I haven’t found a picture of him yet. Overall, I think the producers could have cast the Cullens better. And I know the next thing I am going to say will make me look like I’m going back on all I just said, but I do think the actors will do fine in the long run. And Stephenie thinks they’ll do a good job, ’cause it is her story.

Still going to see the movie though, even if the actors aren’t right for the Cullens. I just hope they get Edward’s skin-in-sun look right, or the movie will thoroughly be ruined!!!T.T

Shutting up……

Comment by Area

congrats jean! you are sooo lucky. you probably could watch the movie first hand(technically speaking)i wish twilight could be filmed at my school, but kansas is too flat.*cries*

and hey!!!!! would everyone stop with the negativity??? it is really annoying and soo unnecessary. i mean seriously, we al picture the cullens differently, so just drop it. if stephenie and the producers think that they cast the cullens were cast good, the they are. all the bad comments are NOT needed. okay, so maybe robert needs to workk on the gaze a little, but can YOU do edwards gaze??? or can anyone really get it right???no!!! SO QUIT WITH THE BAD KARMA AND LET THE ACTORS DO THEIR JOBS DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(screams at negativeness)

and id bet that anyone who thinks the cullens are cast badly watch the movie and think that it was awesome.(id even bet against alice on that)the actors will do just fine, no one can really complain until after they have seen the movie, if even then. so just drop it and get on with life until the movie comes out!!!!

untill then…..

Comment by kell

EWW!! sick! NO!! he is NOT good at ALL!!!

Comment by MAdison

Well… i dont think this guy is butt…but his look isn’t…well….Edward. When i imagine Edward i think of tall, dark, and handsome (literally perfect in every way). I have to agree that he isnt anythin except tall (and i don’t even know that one for sure)…no offense. On the other hand, he had some great pix on the net soooooo he just MIGHT be able to pull it off…I jus hope that his hair won’t b like that in the movie.(fingers crossed) Good LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lexie

I think everyone needs to get a life. It’s a book character, which leaves his appearance up to interpretation. You want to pick the perfect image of YOUR Edward make your own blooming film and cast it yourself. The end.

For the record I find Robert to be delightfully handsome and talented.

Comment by MrsFredWeasley

i agree with mrsfredweasley. we all have our own way of viewing the cullens, especially edward. i think that the cast will do a great job. you cant control aho the producers pic for the cast. by the way, have any of you looked at the complete casing list on staphenies’ site? the kid they picked for jacob looks more spunky than i thought he would……ha ha! he will make a good jacob! ha ha ha ha! i cant wait till the movie comes out!

Comment by kell

personally i think that it is impossiable for someone to portray edward. he is supposed to be like a god. so if this is the closest they can get to a god, thats prettty bad. i think orlando bloom would have been wonderful!

Comment by sydsyd

aaahhh! i soooo agree!!!!! orlando bloom would be a perfect edward! he has the perfect face and he is realllly HOT!!! not that robert isnt, cause he is, i just pictured edward more like orlando than robert…..
i think that robert will pull off edward anyway, so i dont think im biased unlike SOME of you people. have an open mind, change isnt so bad. we all must be willing to accept what we cannot control….*nods* *nods* accept it, all will be good and well.

aaaagggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till the movie comes out this winter!! it will be a very long summer……T0T

Comment by deira

EWWWWWW no…he CAN NOT play edward. HOW is he supposed to be THE perfect edward? noway. his face is square and he looks like hes on drugs. he wasnt even right for the role on Harry Potter. sorry, but he always gets chosen to play the hot guys in movies and he always RUINS IT FOR EVERYONE!!!so robert? plz stop ruining life for ppl.

Comment by Lilian

lol,(for real) this is why twilight shud have stayed as a book.Now, maybe its just me but I think if this book since its also a manga gets a liveaction in japan it will have a better outcome and certainly a better edward hmmm maybe hideaki takizawa or yamashita tomohisa(google or youtube away if ur curious) but for this one,tom sturridge for the face and accent,gaspard for the total package ^^ sorry pattinson setting aside acting skill its all about the charisma and the appeal which he as we can all see ….lack

Comment by Mz_critical

Ok so the guy who is playing Edward is not right.He is nothing like the person Stepahnie wrote about. But pll get this rigth NOBODY is THAT perfect.And just to start it off NOBODY IS PERFECT!!First I thought that Stephanie needs help but now i think she might be right. I mean Edward is one of those guys who are different and stand out well i think this guy totally does too. I think the movie will be alright and this is why. From all the books you have read and are made into movies…Did you like the book better or movie? I personally go for books because it describes little things that you TOTALLY miss in a movie. Like when in TWILIGHT Bella goes to touch his hand but she is afraid it might give him the wrong idea. So I say good choice Stephanie but i think you might just might could have picked a better person.

Comment by Renee

oh everyone just shut up. robert is an excellent choice. go to mtv movie news and watch the clip of the filming on there. hes gorgeous and perfect. the movie edward cant fit exactly into the way all of us see him in our minds, but they did a great job choosing robert.

Comment by courtney

people all over are saying that robert is not cute enough and all this. But what these girls and mybe boys seem to miss that is robert is trying to play a character that in real life would’nt exsit edward is perfect and well wow. edward is character that is hard to pretary lets give him a chance i know he will do amazing!!!

Comment by stephanie

he cannot pull off Edward
Edward’s supposed to be like… beyond hot
and robert is not
he cant pull off the gaze to be Edward 😦

Comment by niharika

Yea i think the whole “Cullen” family that they cast is dorky looking, i mean they are supposed to look perfect. And from some of the pictures i have seen of the family together they look anything but perfect. But i have seen the ET and Mtv movie scoops and i must say the movie is sounding better and better even if the cast isn’t what i always pictured

Comment by Nicole

Helloooo? Does it really matter who plays Edward? As long as the actor does a good job we, as fans, shouldn’t complain. I mean, seriously, if any of you are true Twilight fans, you wouldn’t be complaining about who is playing Edward, or any of the Cullens for that matter. You all(complainers) should be ashamed of yourselves. *glares* No true Twilight fan would be making a fuss like you all have been.

Comment by randomme

why are all of you complaining?? Robert is great for the part. just look at some of the movie clips from twilight, that will prove he is good enough.
i think the casting is good, yea so some of the people could have been better, oh well. i love the cast! this is going to be a good movie!

Comment by anonymous

That guy (i forget his name lol) is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to ugly to play Edward!!!!!! Steven Strait or someone should play Edward!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Someone Cool

It’s sad how so many people are dissing Robert for being cast as Edward…honestly, as MANY people have said before, he’s not going to fit into everyone’s perspective of what Edward looks like, obviously. I have to admit that at first I wasn’t thrilled about Robert as Edward because he’s not who I pictured, but as time went on and I watched clips and looked at pictures from the movie,I’ve realized he is the PERFECT Edward and will do a great job as him. I think he exudes sexy, and whenever I read the books now, he’s the only Edward I see. So all the haters, seriously, keep your opinions to yourself. Robert’s doing the best he can…..

Comment by Felicia

i think edward should be played by toby hemingway the one from the covenent

Comment by rudy

It’s kinda sad how all oh you are dissing on Robert. :/ I think he’s going to be an excellent Edward! He maybe not photogenic, but he was very good looking in Harry Potter. πŸ˜€ So just give him a chance just because he doesn’t fit “your” Edward. Overall, I bet the movie is going to be great!

Comment by Monica

I think this choice is okay.
You have to cut them some slack.
When you have a character as “perfect and god-like” as Edward it is going to be very hard to choose an actor that will 100% fit the part. (And fit the way every reader pictured him.)
Humans only get so beautiful, you know?
Haha. πŸ˜‰
But, I agree with some people.
I think they could have gotten somebody better.

Comment by Unknown

I think Robert was a very bad choice. When you think of Edward you think of this guy that is so perfect and sexy. robert does not give that at least for me anyway. they should have picked a better person for the role Edward.

Comment by kate

WHAT THE F*** !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Edward is F’ing perfect, and this is the guy chosen to play my ultimate description of perfection!? WTF?? I refuse to ever watch the movie! And if I watch it it’s gonna suck, no matter what!. God friggin’ damn. Ruining my inner views like that. Now that’s just plain evil.

Comment by Helga

Hi everyone!
I honestly didn’t think that Robert could pull off the cast as Edward, at first. Now i’ve changed my mind πŸ˜€ And the Cullens, AWH, it’s going to be GREAT! I thought that they all looked very dorky at the pictures of them all together at Stephenies website, but i’ve seen some pretty good pictures of Rosalie! My sister thought that she didn’t look that stunignly beautiful at the pictures of her and the Cullens, but i really think that the picture i found of her at Google whas really wonderfull! πŸ˜€ And i think that Robert will be good as Edward, can’t wait for it to come out!!

/ Madie 1# Twilight fan


Comment by Madie

Personally, i donΒ΄t like this caracter to be Edward, i imagine Edward more handsome, so you can dream about him!! I think is a bad choice

Comment by Elisa

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED THAT THEY ARE MAKING A TWILIGHT MOVIE! But, honestly Stephanie,you coulda picked someone better!

Comment by Mrs. Edward Masen-Cullen

Come on you guys.
Do any of you possibly think that Robert might actually do a good job? You really should cut the guy some slack, it’s not his fault that he can’t be as perfect as you all want him to be. I think he is perfect for the part! Yeah, I may not have pictured Edward as anything like him, but I don’t care. If I could be in the movie, I would be having the time of my life. I have always wanted to live Bellas’ life. Kristen is lucky, she gets the closest thing to living like Bella.

Comment by Sarah

This is the worst possible choice for Edward. I’m sorry isn’t Edward supposed to be attractive? And everyone who is all “oh they’ll do a great job” blah blah blah, not if his ugliness is distracting everyone is the audience…ugh they really should have left well enough alone and left the series in book form…

Comment by Kdemelo

Why cant he play edward what’s wrong with him? Besides, if we’re meant to like the book then aren’t we meant to stick with it through the movie? Anyway, Stephanie (the writer) thought he was a brilliant choice and that has to count for something considering SHE THOUGHT OF HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE! STOP HAVING A GO A ROBERT.
Thank-you and Good morning, Good evening and Godnight!

Comment by eloise

Yeah, thats right. anyway, i like the actors. maybe theres someone better for anyone, but you’ll never find someone as perfect as the “real” cullens in my head. i do picture them in another way as they are in the movie, but you can’t change it and it will be great, ’cause the story stays wonderful. sorry for bad grammar, i’m from germany…

Comment by eva

I think all the actors and actress they picked to play in Twilight are great. I enjoy these books very much and I hoping that the movie is just as if not better then the book. I’m also hoping, because I already know that Twilight is going to be a great HIT. And when they do the other great books, they don’t keep us waiting forever. So stop picking at Robert is a great actor and lets face not bad to look either.

Comment by Amanda

There is no way that the movie is going to be better than the book. Yeah, I think the movie is going to be awesome, but books are always better than the movie after them. I mean, look at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, they cut out waaaaaaaaaay too much in that movie. And why are you all using this site to practically dis the actors?(especially robert) Leave them alone, the actors and actresses will be awesome!

Comment by bookworm

I absolutely loveee these books.. I don’t think the movie can even compare to how awesome the books are but I still think the movie will be awesome!! I like the actors and actresses that were chosen. Although I prob. would have picked someone different to play Edward’s part, like.. Steven Strait from The Covenant.. but the actor they chose fits the part just fine.. hje kinda grows on u after a while. Can’t waittttt for Breaking Dawn!!!

Comment by Smeenerz

alright, first of all think how hard it would be to find the most beautiful guy in the world who is also a good actor.

I think he’ll be fine
of course the movie isn’t going to be perfect but give them a chance

Comment by ally

uh hmm, I was not happy when I heard Robert Pattinson was playing Edward Cullen, I just about went crazy! So he better dazzel me with his acting skills….but now i can kind of see why they choose him, he sort of has a spark to him, a kind of sweet edge, if u think about it, he’s hair goona be cut, his eye brows will be waxed/razored or wat ever, his neck hair will be shaved, and its called MAKE UP and lots of digital editing, so of course he will look HOT!! He’ll be the sexy Edward Cullen we want.

Comment by Sally

At first, I didn’t think Robert was good for Edward’s part. But now Robert is who I see when I read the books. I think he will do a great job as Edward.

The rest of the cast was done to absolute perfection! Jasper’s actor is exactly how I pictured Jasper when I read the books for the first time.

Has anyone really noticed that at east 85% of the comments here are all about Robert playing Edward? And about 90% of them dog on how they think Robert is horrible for Edward? Give the guy a break.

How would YOU like it if you were cast as Edward and everyone started saying you were al wrong for the part, and that you were too ugly? Jeesh.

Absolutely can’t wait until Breaking Dawn comes out!!!! And I wonder when Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun……?

Comment by alleah

she is right about the sexy part all right ya

Comment by Amber

Roberts facial features do actually match things from the book. Also people expect him to be muscular..what isn’t muscular about him? Besides, in book one, Bella thought he looked scrawny from first glance as well.
Everyone’s ideas of perfection or sensuality is imminently different.So not everyone will be pleased. But the cast is perfect. Despite what critics will say-(no such thing as perfect) To a director, a writer, an artist-once something is the way it is set, the image is fulfilled-it is as close to perfect as it can get. Kristen and Edward have outrageous chemistry, the rest of the Cullen family is a carbon copy of the book. Esme and Carlisle are the perfect age and the two best actors for the part. Alice will probably rock my face. Jasper will drive me insane(optimistically) and we can leave it Rosalie and Emmett to look like super models.
I am pleased, oh so pleased.
The books don’t get old, and I’m on the edge waiting for Breaking Dawn.

Comment by gigi

You guys make me giggle.. It doesn’t matter how the actresses and actors look when they are casted. People change their appearances for different acting jobs..duh.. Just because Rosalie’s actress had brown hair at casting..or once in the past.. it doesn’t mean her hair won’t be blond for the movie..Hair dye is an amazing thing.. Same thing with Alice.. it is called becoming a character.. However, any actor would know.. that you have to become the actor emotionally before you can be them physically! The cast is amazing .. GO TWILIGHTERS!

Comment by Lilly

Ditto. Breaking Dawn is going to be the bets book yet.

Too bad the movie won’t come out sooner. Oh well, I think I can live out the summer. Waiting for the book and movie…..D; that is gong to be a nightmare! This is going to be one LOOOONG summer.*sniff*T. T

Comment by alleah

i didnt like him at first. i was really dissapointed but now once i look at the people they were thinking of casting im so glad they are using him. he needs to work on the gaze though. otherwise i think he and kristen stewart are perfect together for their role as bella and edward

Comment by ash

Yay! I am soooo happy that Twilight is going to become a movie!!! ‘Ey! Why are you all bagging on Robert? Go to (yes, you need all the numbers too for you lazy people!) It has pictures from the set of Twilight. My fav is “YOU LIVE!!!” XD Seriously, go to the website.

Comment by Bree

He doesn’t fit Edward at all. The book focused on Edward’s beauty and perfection MANY MANY times…and ppl expect waaay better than that Robert guy…i mean, he doesn’t LOOK mystical…and even I know people who would fit the part waay better than him. Get someone of mixed ethnic! They would look SOOOOO much better. One of the biggest reason to watch this movie is cause everyone wants to see how Edward looks like! I mean, even if he IS good at acting, if his looks doesn’t fit [since its described beyond exaggeration in the book], it just kills the magic of the novel in the first place. There HAS to be someone else who’s more gifted with looks than him. I know i sound shallow, but the book itself protrays this concept in everyone whos read it.

Comment by Rebecca

I think the cullen cast looks awesome. they’re all exactly as I imagined them in the book.

Comment by Ema Nekaf

I think Billy is NOT good,


Comment by Miranda

These actors are HOT!!!!I ❀ EDWARD!

Comment by cats eye

Maybe some of you ppl should keep your opinion to yourselves, those of you who say Edward is dead ugly like ‘Cassie and Katelyn’ among others, I would bet your no prize yourself. Besides Everyone has their own opinion… I think he looks excellent for the role. He has a different look to him that I could totally see being a vampire. What do some of you want? Some big, blonde, tan muscular meat head to play Edward… does that seem like a classy vampire to you?? I think not! Some ppl have NO imagination at all…. but thats just my opinion. =) The movie will great I think. The only thing I have remotely negative about it is that I think the scene in the book where he says “you really shouldn’t have said that” was much better that what was in the trailer… And I don’t particularly like who plays Esme and Rosalie… Alice and the rest look great. I’m sure everything will be great though… they know ppl have high expectations for this movie!!

Comment by Jennnnn

ooooh, i’m soooo excited to see him as Edward! He might be ok, you never know!
I love Edward!!! He should marry me!


Comment by Moomoo

Omg! I Absolutly Love The Books! I Think The Girl Who Plays Bella Is The Perfect Person . . . But The Guy Who Is Edward Is Not The Exact Person In Mine! I Mean From The Videos Ive Seen He Seems Like An Amazing Actor Its Just It Looks Like Theres No Chemistry! Ill Be The First To Comment On The Movie When It Comes Out!

Comment by Ash

bella is perfect i guess but edward…omg hes so ugly and not edawd cullenish

Comment by Kitkat_7

OMG!!!!!! I hate the choice for Edward!!!! He is supposed to be amazinglyyyy gorgeous!!!! ROBERT IS NOT!!!!!! however if you can put enough makeup on his face that he looks like a roman god, then I cant object!!!

Comment by Samantha

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I still can’t believe that Robert’s gonna (going to,whatever)be Edward. He REALLY needs to work on the gaze, and he isn’t pale and he won’t match anyone’s opinion on what Edward looks like and he’s UGLY!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I know that Stephanie wrote the book, and knows what she’s doing and whatever, but COME ON!!!! She describes Edward as a SUPER pale, bronze haired guy that DOESN”T LOOK LIKE ROBERT!!!!!!!ok. well that wasn’t a direct quote, but you know what I mean!!!! BUT, if Robert HAS to be in the movie, at least change his hair, because seriously, that doesn’t remind me of Edward at all. Blech!!! Edward Cullenism is pretty straightforward though, the book describes him (Edward) really well and I don’t think it’s THAT hard to find an actor that’ll fit the part, right??!?!?! BTW, this wasn’t supposed to offend Stephanie Meyers in any size, shape, or form. Just criticizing Robert. (EeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwWWWW. It’s even gross to TYPE his name.)

Comment by Candace

well, now that I think about it, he could be a vampire…but JUST NOT EDWARD!!!!!!! and ummmm Jennnnn, a big, tall, muscular guy would be EMMETT and you said TAN, HELLO, vampires are not TAN!!! Robert also seems too…sunny, not mystical and eclipse-y. NO one wants a model!!! ok. Maybe they want a model but stephanie made the characters like that, so, that is what they expect!!!!!

Comment by Candace

oh, and I said he was sunny, not ugly…though he is. AND the time is wrong. it says 9:46 when it is 7:46! Time change. Where is it set in?

Comment by Candace

I’m kind of undecided about Robert. Like many have said, its kind of impossible for any actor to try to pull off the Godliness that Stephanie attributes to Edward and the rest of the Cullens. So I think I’d be happy as long as they managed to make the Cullens seem dazzling and mysterious. They need to stand out from their human counterparts. So far, I haven’t seen anything that shows that the actors, directors, make-up or art department is trying to accomplish this. They all seem too normal to me (both in looks and attitude.) That I think is more important to the story than mere looks/hotness. But I’ll be fine with any of them if their acting is up to par or if the art direction takes some serious headway.

I like the actress for Rosalie but I’m a little surprised. I think Bella’s actress is prettier which is really my main complaint. Bella isn’t plain enough! She should be a very natural beauty but Kristen is downright jaw-dropping as Bella.

And Jacob, I don’t even want to begin with Jacob. I’m just going to pretend he’s not in this movie and I’ll save my disappointment for the next movie where he matters more.

I also think Carlisle is perfect but Esme is the worst Cullen choice in my opinion.

Also, I just wanted to say don’t judge hair color, length, or facial hair until you see cast photos. You do realize these sorts of things can be easily fixed right?

Comment by Sara

Oh yeah. And what’s with Laurent? Was he black in books too because I don’t remember that. How are they gonna make him look pale?

Comment by Sara

ummm….. well umm i dont know how to say this nicely but um……….. your crew sucks monkey a**!! i mean…. robert??? hes one of the ugliest people ive ver seen! and so you need someone hott… orlando bloom.. or at least some one who alot of people think is hott roberts ugly!!so yah!! you should change that!

Comment by angelica wittwer

(Here again)Dude! You guys have no sense whatsoever! Really, there is a thing called computers, and digital editing. If the make-up artists can’t make any of the actors pale enough, the editors will just go back in later and go through the scenes and lighten their complexions.

Besides, all the video trailers you people have seen are probably unedited. Once the movie is done being filmed, film editors will go through and fix all those little details you all are complaining about. So I wouldn’t rely on what you see(pics, articles, etc.) until the movie comes out to theaters.

I don’t care what anyone says, this movie is going to be the best this year(unless Narnia has anything to do with it….Ben Barnes is HOT!(Not saying Robert isn’t, ’cause he is too;) he he))

-friend says ” Robert is PERFECT for Edward!!!!”

Comment by Bree

lol…We all fall for what we don’t expect…..laugh

Comment by Bree

I think that Robert was a choice in a good and bad way I hadnt really pictured Edward like that but the good is that (I dont remember seing hinm act anywhere)I think he’ll probably play Edward in a really good way god knows how all this will turn out!

Comment by Ted

This is going to be the best movie EVER!!! I soooo cant wait till the Twilight is out in theaters. XDDD Breaking Dawn too! Waaahhhh!!!! This is going to be a really loooong summer…..TToTT I wont have anything to do all summer!!>.< ANGST MUFFINS!!!!!!! (credit to myra for the muffin analogy xo)………

πŸ˜‰ Ill shut up now……

Comment by Krystel

Uhh noooo maybe as jacob black or make look older and theres charlie Like she said he should have the calities of a god not a scruffy pup. no his eyes should be soo deep and loving hating thirsting striving not to hurt her, and beautiful, he should be so pale he blends with snow! and his hair a bronze color long and straight I mean com on steph you yourself described him as godlike and looking like a male model in rain!!!! no afense but this is just a down right insult to him and sorry but, I honestly think you should change him YIKES!!!!!! SORRY BUT TERRIBLE CHOICE!!!!!

Comment by maria

Um meghan get over ur self edward is the star and for all i care jacob can go to the underworld or get eaten by james!!!!!!!!!

Comment by gurl who loves edward

i love my eddie im not gonna say im inlouve wit the choice for edward. i just hope he can at least be more edward like when hes acting……and i agree with the whole gaze thing especially sunce edward is his gaze. thats wat makes him edward maybe he’ll perfect it while taping….or at least make it better.

Comment by edward frizeak

i think he is amzing! pooop u all

Comment by dcksgn

I totally agree that Robert should not be Edward! I just don’t think that he looks perfect or hot like Edward should look. I just hope that he can make Edward as lovable as he is in the book! They should have picked someone like Steven Strait to play Edward.

Comment by Jenny

Check out other pics of Robert. The pic above is not a good picture at all! Check out some of the movie photos and give him a chance! Maybe he does need to work on the gaze but over all I think he’ll make a great Edward. I think he has potential. I am so excited for the movie! The trailer is such a tease!

Comment by T.H.


Comment by ilaria

I hate the new cast! my god! can’t they
find anybody else? I visualized the prominent figures of a form rather perfectionist of agreement to with what was saying the book,I had many
expectations with the movie, But the whole new cast already does not leave me any other, I am very
disappointed.. I waited for more!

Comment by andrea

omfg people. u can do absolutly nothin about what is already done so just freakin deal w/ it. and quite honestly, robert is perfect. he is exactly as i imagined edward to look like. an u also have to understand tht stephenie meyer made edward look like a god in our mind. no one on this whole freakin planet can look like what we imagine edward to look like. so…JUST GET OVER IT YOU IDIOTS AND DEAL W/ IT!!!!!!!!!!!

[Note from Blog Admin: No flames or insults, please.]

Comment by samantha

cedric diggory as ewdard cullen…
tsk, tsk, what is the world coming to??
i LOVE harry potter(more that a teenage girl should) but this is just plain HOMO. my dreams have been shattered…my hopes lost..
he better do a good job in this movie, or he’s gona start looking for a new job..
honestly, thats just sad ):

Comment by Lezel

I think that David Cook should play as Edward. That is how i imagined edward to look like, David Cook.

[ Note from Admin: Ooh, good suggestion! ]

Comment by Dakotah

i think he’s great:)
I love the books, i can’t wait to see the movie.

Comment by allie

I really dont think Robert fits the part of Edward…I would have rather seen Edward be played by Henry Cavil. Still I cant wait until the movie comes out !

Comment by Nora

Ok, so, I thought I might be able to stand Robert as Edward, but I can’t. It almost makes me not like the trailer [and in that case the movie], because he just doesn’t pull it off. I will end up watching, though, but i was thinking about it and even though the guy i WOULD LOOVVEE!! is kind of old.. but I thought i would suggest it if stephenie decides to cast a different Edward if she makes movies for the other books
.. i would pick.. SEAN FARIS!!! =] =D =*
he seems perfecto for the part.. just a little older looking.. but isn’t he suppose to look old for his age.. right? =]

Comment by Lily

that link takes you to a pick of sean faris… lol hes soo perfect

heres more
the only thing is he’d have to pale-up on the skin tone =] =]

Comment by Lily

Okay, i may not be the one to say this because i am not a movie director or anything but i think every acter that was picked were perfect! except edward. Sure he’s a good actor but he shouldn’t be a vampire, and he doesn’t even really look like how Meyer discribed him.

Comment by Katie


Comment by Katie

hahaha wouldn’t it be funny if Robert Pattinson read all these hate comments! i hope he does but i guess it would be kind of too late for them to hire a new actor if he quit. But whatever, im still going to see the movie and buy it and all that stuff because I LOVE TWILIGHT. personaly it think its the best out of the three books.

Comment by katie

I know this is this is the 4th comment i have said but i am so annoyed! GRRRRR!!!! Pattinson better be able to play the piano (if they put this part in) because i REALLY want to here that song he plays when Bella first goes to the Cullen house and she sees the grand piano.

Comment by Katie

i’ve decided i like pattinson… but idk about bella, she just doesn’t look how they describe her.. and she looks older than edward.. which doesn’t look right

i’m going to stop dissing on robert, because he’s a good actor and if bella and edward can make it sound like the book the all’s well =]

but i did hear they were going to remove the whole scene where bella and her friends go shopping– you know when bella almost gets jumped by those guys and when bella and edward talk at the diner and she finds out he’s a vampire.. so they’re basically taking out the whole part where the book gets good.. i heard that they’re making edward tell her in the meadow or something.. thats really enfuriating

Comment by Lily

That would TOTALLY suck if they took out the Stocker Part!

Comment by katie

That would TOTALLY suck if they took out the Stocker Part! but i personally do like bella she does look older then edward but she has the hair and all that.

Comment by katie

I think he’ll be fine as long as he can act. not as hot as i hoped he would be though. (for some people above) I think Jim Sturgess would be AMAZING! If he was 8 years younger lol. WHen i was reading the book i was also thinking maybe Ed Westwick, except he might look a bit too old for the part too. I havent actually seen this guy act (except for Harry Potter wich i dont think really counts) so lets see how he does with it.

Comment by Kelsey

i totally agree with everyone who said that not everybody is going to be satisfied. everyone did have their own opinions of edward and i’m sure everyone still does. thats just how it goes, though. i think that robery will be great as edward, but we’ll just have to see. dont let the acting choices stop you from seeing the movie.

Comment by melanie

I’m shocked, you know… has someone acctually read the book??…

Edward is beautiful, and robert ain’t.
I think William Moseley should be playing Edward… Bella is fine, anyway..

Comment by sofia poggi

I am not too happy about this guy…I think Chace Crawford would’ve been a HOT Edward. Who have they picked for Jacob…cause that’s who I REALLY care about.

Comment by Kat

At first I thought ‘How terrible, he’s not as good-looking as Stepenie describes’ but that was an impossible beauty! He looks alright and I’m glad they picked him over the other guy who was too old πŸ™‚
Jacob is weird but what I expected, I must admit.
It was too hard to make perfect characters but Bella is so damn close to it πŸ˜‰ She’s just how I imagined and I’m glad.
I hope they pull this off! =D

Comment by Squishy

This picture looks like it should be an Edward Cullen. Nahh, I don’t think so. Gaspard Ulliel is perfect for Edward. He is beautiful and sexy ;D LOL.

Comment by Claudia

I do NOT think that robert is good for Edward. Every girl imagines Edward as a….uh.. EXREMELY perfect hot guy. I really dont think that robert can even try to pull of being edward. sorry =/

Comment by Sophie

i think Gaspard Ulliel was perfect for edward..
bella is ok..
i DONT like asbolutly Carlisle!!!
i like very much James with cam giganted(really hOt)

Comment by Camilla

Robert will do just fine!!!
If you look up other pictures he looks just like how i imagined edward.
he is the perfect edward.

Comment by lena

At first I thought Robert would not fit the role at all…I think I have changed my mind. Even though I had pictured Edward differently, I beleive now that Robert will do a great job!

Comment by Tessa

I dont think he is as hot as edward is really supposed to be but i think robert is a great actor and he was great in the trailer

Comment by nz

In my judgement is Rob just perfect for the role of Edward .. And Kris is super for the role of Bella.
I have seen the trailer of the movie and i am
so happy and cant wait for the release date ;D

Comment by Arzu

i personally love the books, im reading the second one and it is very good. I dont think that the casting choice for edward was very good. When i was reading the book i was picturing him to be ridiculoudly good looking. Rob pattinson is cute but just not right for edward.

Comment by twilight love

at first i thought it was a bad choice but then seeing the picture of him and bella i think that its cute and fits ok the more i see it the more it think it fits you just have to get used to it

Comment by jewels

what the heck is wrong with most of u people? Robert pattinson is like THEE perfect person for this role. he may not be the greatest looking guy but when i read the books and pictured edward thats pretty much what i imagined. i think they did a great job at picking the cast.

people needa stop getting mad just because their guy of perfection wasnt chosen.
who are u guys to pick anyway?

Comment by edwardlover

Robert Pattinson is not a good choice. I’ve always pictured Edward looking angelic and irristably. Pattinson does not fit the role.
Steven strait would be the perfect guy. Now this guy is hot!
check him out.

Comment by Monica

I personally Think that Robert Pattinson is the perfect guy to play edward… Im a gay guy and everyone knows we have the best taste…. He’s so hot. So all of you who think hes not can bite me…. your just made hes not yours

Comment by Jordan

i think robert is perfect and he DOES have the gaze down pat along w/the mischievious grin! i loved him as cedric diggory and i am excited that he will be edward cullen…he is beautiful! oh and i like the girl playing bella as well

Comment by jf2

as i saw him first, i thought that he is a bad choice but after seeing the trailer it is the best choice they could made. the way he plays edward is unbelieveable good and heartmelting…^^

Comment by twilight-fan

i think rob will be a great edward, though i didnt think it would work to begin with, now ive seen the trailers ithink it will work out ok

Comment by cassie

i think they should have had rachael mcadams play rose she would just seem perfect for it. bella is perfect as kristen stuart, or maybe even ellen page. i think edward should have been Jonathan Rhys Meyers or henry cavill from the tudors. theyre both kind of older but they fit how i thought of edward. alice’s hair should be a little shorter. and i dont like the carlisle, he should be male model gorgeous as well.

Comment by mmmm...

ok i admit when i first heard that they was makin Twilight into a movie i was like OMG! ya kno n i was so pychicd*however u spellit* bout who is goin to be playin who. n i agree with Kristen playin Bella it fits her somehow idk but it does i agree but when i heard that Pattinson was goin to play Edward i was like ahhh COME ON is that the best you could DO?! i was mad for a wk maybe actully like 2 hrs n then i got back on n the weeks i have been keepin up with him n he has changed my mind. i think he will do an awesome job as Edward. but ppl u also got to think Edward is portrayed to be like a Greek God ok there is no one on earth that has the beauty of a REAL Greek God. some may say they seen some n of course others are going to say no theys ugly so in every arguement there is goin to be ppl that dissagree. but my choice goes for a THUMBS UP for Pattinson. n for the rest of the Cullens.

Comment by no one in perticular

okay…..this kinda pisses me off. i’ve read all the twighlight books that have come out so far and i have pre ordered the next. robert doesn’t really appeal to me. i mean he is so… squarish…and his gaze sux. honestly if he is going to pull this off he has to be able to pierce every girls heart with his eyes and strike fear into every man. i guess it’s just annoying. if you can’t find anyone better than watevs. but please try.

Comment by kenna b.

I think Robert is the perfect choice for Edward Cullen .. He does look godlike, just like they describe him in the book .. And I loved his acting in Harry Potter .. He’s just perfect ..

Comment by Shumaila

I think that everyone they choose for the cast is perfect. Especially Rob, no human can fill Edwards shoes, cuz Edward is inhumanly perfect. but Rob is the closest thing they could get and thats good enough for me. And some people say they should have found someone better looking, i STRONGLY disagree cuz Rob is HOTT! He is an amazing actor so im glad they choose him. The more you look at him the more you fall in love with him!

Comment by Kenna M.

Samantha i agree with you 100% People need to get over themselves and deal with it because Rob is the perfect choice, THE MOVIE IS GOING TO BE A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!

Comment by Kenna M.

I think Robert is perfect for playing Edward. It is all about the eyes. Nobody is as perfect as the book describes

Comment by bernadette

at first i thought robert was stupid to play the roll for edward. i mean come on no one can compare to edward. lovely edward. but then i changed my idea about robert because no matter how i wished someone else could be edaward no one could. so i think everyone should leave all the choices to steph. if you dont like it dont watch the movie simple as that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by wanabe_bella


Comment by dizzy

well i dont know what the hell is wrong with all of you..dissing Edward? wtf is wrong with you
i think Robert Pattinson is perfect..maybe he’s not the guy you all want but that is who stephenie picked and i know she knows what she’s doing.
and omg Bella is perfect..that’s all i have to say about her
Charlie is amazing..he actually looks like her dad and im very happy with him.
Alice is also perfect..she is gorgeous and fun looking juss how i imagined her to be.
Jasper is hot..and movie star looking..he’s good for the part.
Rosalie is really pretty and exactly how i imagined her.’s perfect..very sexy.
Carlisle can definately pull off the dad/vampire thing so he’s good for the roll.
Esme..idk..she looks like a mom and that’s what she’s supposed to look like..also she is very pretty.
Renee..well she looks like i think Bella’s mom would and she looks normal.
Phil..i can definately see him fitting it.
And JACOB..omg dont even get me started on all i have to say..SEXXI!!!!
ya’ll should stop talkin shit about the people that stephenie has chosen because she wrote the book and definately knows what she’s doin.
It’d not like she’d ruin her own book. plus she designed these charactors..this is how she sees them..if it’s not good enough for ya’ll then dont watch the movie..however im gonna be there the minute it comes out in theatre’ the front row.

Comment by Renae

At first, Robert was seriously wtf?
But now, I mean, let’s be honest people. Describe Edward. Arrogant. Handsome. Brownish red hair. Strong jawline. Not too muscular, not too lanky, either. Musically talented. Kind of an asshole, but still charming…
Now describe Robert Pattinson.
Oh, God. What do you know. It’s not even just the looks that fit. He is practically Edward Cullen personified. 😐

Comment by Heather

I hadn’t read the books before I saw the trailer. But now I have read them, I can’t picture anyone else playing him. Okay, he might not be able to do the gaze (yet) but you have to admit he can do that crooked smile! πŸ™‚

Comment by Hannah

quite honestly i think robert will do just fine. ppl need to stop bashing him and wait for the movie to come out and see. the other two ppl i have heard that should have been casted, personally would not have done it right. edward is pale just like he was in the book. i think hes fine

Comment by Kay

what the helllll!!!!!!!!!!!
i thought of edward to be extremely HAWT. i wanted “GASPARD ULLIEL” a french actor to play him. i imagines him as Edward when i was reading twilight. i’m really sadddddddd,,,,,,…….
but, i am hoping the movie will be great!!!!!!!
i hope the movie will turn us all by surprise.

gaspard ullielllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by anna

ewwww…i’m sorry but i pictuered edward way different and robert just doesnt cut it…sorry =( but ima still go see the movie lol

Comment by Madeleine

I think that Robert is going to do a VERY good job playing Edward and he is also VERY VERY SEXY so I don’t think that anyone will possibly be dissapointed :o)

Comment by Jayme

Although I do agree that Stephenie Meyer made Edward a GOD in our eyes, they can’t find someone to look exactly like him, so I think Robert is the closest fit. I have also read the books litterly 6 times each so I think I know what I’m talking about! And another thing if you hate Edward, why do you read the books??????

[Admin’s note: please, no name calling or insults.]

Comment by Kristen

Edward is supposed to be perfectly beautiful. No offense, but I don’t feel Robert Pattinson fills that bill. Perhaps another Edward could be considered for future films?

Comment by Dee

if there is perfection in this world, it is him. i think they did a great job at picking him for the role, but they better add special effects to his eyes because his eyes arent the right color. you know how they did it in the movie interview with the vampire, they enhanced brad pitts eyes to the most irresistable color, man! so yea if they have any bit of brains, they will change edwards eyes cuz his actor doesnt have the best ones… no offence. but otherwise, i dont know about you but i wish i was bella!!!!


Comment by angelgirl2216

If you are really a fan of the book you will accept that the AUTHOR of the book, the one who came up with the God-like beautiful character agrees with the casting of Robert as Edward.
granted he is not the Edward i pictured in my head while reading the book, i still think i can adjust to him. lets face it, its not like brad pitt, who is the only human being that is even remotly close to the hottness of Edward Cullen, was gonna sign up for the movie so we will have to settle for Robert who hopefully does an amazing job and shut everybody who doubted his abilities to pull of Edward Cullen, including me =]
i do however disagree with the chicks that they chose to play alice and rosalie. they could have done better. but again, hopefully they will shut the haters up =] 5 months til we can find our for ourselves!

Comment by Cassy

At first I thought Robert Pattinson was the wrong choice because he doesn’t have the beauty I feel Edward has. But as I review the trailer, I start to get a sense of what the director was going for. However, I really did expect Edward to be much more strickingly beautiful. Robert is handsome but you have to look deep to find Edward in him. As for the rest of the cast, I am disappointed with both Alice and Rosalie. They are not as beautiful as I would have imagined either. The rest of the cast, Emmet, James, Bella, Esme and Carlisle is right on the money in how I pictured them looking. I am looking foward to seeing the movie or more trailers so I can get a better feel of what I am feeling as I read the books.

Comment by Mashel

At first i thought Robert was a very bad choice but then i watched the trailers and i relized Robert acctually fits Edward Cullen perfect he will be great in Twilight this December.

Comment by Emily

i think robert is the PERFECT guy to play Edward. The casting directors really knew what they were doing when they chose this cast.

Comment by annem

i think that the twilight series is the best ever made! it is way better than any other books i have ever read my entire life! i hope Stephenie Meyer keeps the books coming ’cause i can’t stop reading her wonderful writing!

Comment by emma

we have such high expectations of who whould play edward that i dont think that role could ever be filled to perfection. He’s not a bad choice, and maybe he does need to work a bit on the acting.
But what about Bella? are you kidding me, Kristin Stewart? Bella is uspposed to be pale and blonde. Kristin looks like a fake and bake model. come onn. i think if anything goes wrong, its with her character. she cant pull of Bella’s naivete and her obsessive love for Edward. i think she was an awful choice. they need to find some albino actress to pull it off. theyre trying to make her too sexy, when its obviouse edward is the sexy one in this book. she needs to be recast. blunt point

Comment by danielle

well personaly i like the choice of character i totally agree with who ever said that it WAS stephenie’s choice and if she likes it then i’m fine with. Besides she made the book and if she thinks he’s right for the role then HE’S RIGHT FOR THE ROLE. but i also agree with the people who said he doesn’t fit the character in the book………. but the other thing that bothers me is they should’ve picked Kate Beckinsale for esme because coming from a girl…. she’s HOT!! [I AM NOT LESBIAN] and whoever is jean that commented on march 13 2008 PLEASE TELL US WHAT SCHOOL U GO TO BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT EVERYONE WHO HAS READ UR COMMENT WANTS TO KNOW…….SO PLEASE TELL US I BEG U!!!!!!!! AND I THINK I SPEAK FOR EVERYONE WHEN I SAY WE WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE TELL US

Comment by emma

Hey, I basically think that Twilight will reach its beyond POINT. i mean, children, TEENS, & ADULTS preferred this book. And if THIS doesn’t turned out as a good movie, future readers that SAW the movie, wouldn’t like it.

Comment by Nizamoudeen

Actually before I saw who was going to play Edward in Twilight the movie as I read Twilight and the other 2 books — waiting on Breaking Dawn can’t effing wait! — anyways as I read the books I always pictured this face and funny it turns out that Robert Pattinson (who I really didn’t even notice in Harry Potter — I was just like geez the cute guy dies) but I never knew who he was when my sister told me his name and when I looked up some pictures I was like “OMG FREAKING WEIRD — he looks just like what I imagined” — so to me he’s perfect for the part — I just feel like since he’s british he’ll have more trouble speaking English and you can sometimes tell when they’re british lol. But other than that — I’ll take him if they decide not to use him lol. RAWR.

Comment by ellvee

robert is soooooo hot I wanted him to be edward the whole time. I dont get why evryones dissin him. I also think he did a great job as Cedric.

Comment by Madie

I agree with practically everyone here… Robert is wrong wrong wrong… I think Gaspard is way better… i like Kristen as Bella tho… either way whilst Edward is the character that plays the largest significance to me… What made me the most disgusted was the choice for Carlisle (he looks plain evil.. which is so wrong) and Rosalie does not look like some hot chick all girls would die to look like… as for Jasper… well he kinda looks like a nerd more than some charismatic military guy… at first i thought alice was wrong too cos she’s meant to be a bit more elfin with darker hair… but out of the whole family i think shes perhaps the best… oh well no movie is ever as good as the book but i at least thought the characters could look a bit more like what is to be imagined… i mean we all knew no1 could possibly be as hot as edward but at least someone half decent would have been nice

Comment by Joey

robert pattinson definetly has what it takes to play edward in this movie. look at him… i mean come on. now i am even more pumped to see the movie!!!! i have very high expectation because i love the book. so i hope it is as good as the book is!!

Comment by michaela

I think im in love with Edward Cullen.. and Robert Pattinson fits perfectly as Edward!!

Comment by sara

i think that Robert will do a fantastic job of playing Edward. To me he just fits the description. We all have our own opinions, and this is mine. All i have to say is just wait until the movie comes out!

Comment by analise

I personally think the guy playing edward is super sexy :]
Im happy with the choice

Comment by Julie

I read all these comments and some people commented that Robert Pattinson is kinda ugly and not as perfect or as gorgeous as Edward Cullen.Well news flash!No one in reality is complete perfection like Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.I am positive that Robert is going to be great in the movie as Edward Cullen & Kristen Stewart as Bella.I am defiantely going to go see the movie!!! =)

Comment by Nidia

The cast that was chosen is starting to grow on me… a little bit… But not intirely… I do agree with most of these people that Robert is nothing compared to a Greek god like Edward Cullen is suppost to be but then again… You can’t find a guy like Edward out there.. It would be impossible!!! So I kinda see where their coming from.. I mean.. now that I look at Robert Pattinson … He is quite handsome.. in his own way!

Comment by 17jessica17

i agree w. everyone else
pattinson not quite the “edward” look
i mean he is supposed to be the image of
perfection and he just doesn’t shall we say
“fit the part”. Emily Browning would have been
an awesome Bella too. >>>
[check it out]

Comment by ashley

i personally think that they should have stuck with gaspard ulliel, he is like.. 1000000 times hotter than robert..

Comment by mikayla

At first i didnt think robert could do it but he looks pretty good in this video.

Comment by Amber




Comment by Jasmine

I love all of the cast. I think Robert is beautiful, and just as I imagend him and I feel the same way about Bella and the rest of the cast! I cant wait for the movie!!

Comment by kara

I’m going to be real honest.. the first time I heard that Robert Pattinson was going to play Edward I was kinda upset to put it mildly.. but then I googled him (haha) and started to see Edward there more and more.. He has more pronounced and angular facial features (just like Edward) than others considered for the part and he’s got the “Edward glare” down to a T… He’ll do an amazing job as Edward.. be open minded about it and I know that all the true Twilight fans will love the movie just as much as the book.

Comment by Smith

Robert Pattinson is gorgeous beyong belief. He will be the perfect Edward!! Great actor and extremely hot!! πŸ˜€

Comment by Julia

actually, rob is hot. he is perfect for edward. he has all the requirements to be and edward. If you dont think that spunk is good for edward, then, i would think that you need to get contacts or something. if you already have them… your weird. well, i think hes perfect, and he WILL be a great Edward!

Comment by kayla

hi um mny eople have described people they think shoul be edward but if you read the book he is ment to have bronze hair pale etc and robert has these things i can’t think of anyone else that has these qualities.though i am un sure of kristen stewart being ella because i don’t know i just wouldn’t think of her as bella i know that a really pretty actress wouldn’t be able to play bella because bella is ment to be unique and beautiful in her own way so does anyone has anyother suggestions for her, because kristen stewart usually plays a shy rebllious girl who doesn’t show alot of feeling and with bllas jokes and the wayshe describes her love for edward i’m not sure she could pull it off.


edward is perfect looking but he’s not ment to be a pin up pretty boy we see in usual teen movies

theres something about robert pattison i think he will be good in this movie.

though anyone who believe the movie will be better then the book is kidding themselves

wow this s long


Comment by indy

i think that everyone should keep in mind that this is the way the director and writer see this book. i was also reading some of the old posts and noticed something. dont say “i’m sorry, but he’s ugly” or “he’s ugly, no offense” because someone is obviously going to get offended. keep your opinion strong. don’t apologize for your thoughts.

on the other hand, i’m so psyched for the movie.

Comment by olga

I don’t know why some person don’t love robert pattison he’s so sexy!!! I think that he’s perfect to play Edward Cullen. Stephenie do the best choose ever!

Comment by marie

Robert definitely has to prove himself for this one. these pictures don’t really show if he is a good choice for Edward… I’ll just wait and see if he pulls it off in the movie

Comment by Anne

Well great , none of them look like i hade pic it ;____; . But whatever i happy as long the movie comes out BUT Cedric from HP ?!?! Aja Twilight and hopefully tje others to i’ll be wating :”P

Comment by Sho

I don’t know where I’ve been the past 2 years but I just came across this book a few days ago and it has taken over my life. OMG I love this book and can’t wait to read the 2nd. My bf is on his way right now after going to Borders for me to get it.. and i i reallllly dont understand what is what is so wrong about this Robert kid. I mean who could they have picked that would satisfy everyone?? he looks the part so far from the pictures I’ve seen, he’s gorgeous and I cant wait to see this movie.. waiting till December will be the worst part. PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just remember that no one is as perfect as the character… give him a chance… just like Kristen Stewart.. I wouldn’t see her as this role but I’m sure it will be great.
Movies are never like the books lets keep that in mind..i learned it after being very disappointed by a walk to remember, It was a great movie but still a lot missing and not the way I hoped it would have been!

ok people.. i gotta go I have a few chapters left in twilight.

Comment by Ivy

I honestly think he might be able to pull this off… i think he is honestly rather goodlooking… but who they picked for bella is not what i c at all… AND i dont like her speaking voice… which ruins it for me…she just isnt what i saw at all, and that bugs me…i thought that james and all the other vampires were wrong 2 , haha ARENT THEY SUPPOSED TO BE SCAREY, there is nothing scarey looking about them…and rosalie… dont even get me started on her … TOTALLY wrong, she’s described as being the most beautiful creature alive haha.. i dont understand it 😦 sigh…

Comment by isabell

well well well. i really thought that alexis bledel could have been bella and chase crawford or steven straight could have been edward. i just dont know if robert cuts it.

Comment by swmngrl_94

i agree with most people robert is sooo not edward.. i see edwqard 10 times different then what robert is im sorry but its true

Comment by alex

He dosnt have the Edward gaze quite right- for me – But who am i to juge? I have only pictured the scenes in my mind. And he is beautiful(so much so, it can be to much for some people and be consiterd ugly). Im just worried that the movie will leave out some of the good stuff.

Comment by bailey m

i know everyone has their own opinions about what edward should look like, but personally, i don’t think robert was the best choice. i agree with most of you – he does need to work on his “edward gaze”.

however, he does fit the edward description somewhat to a degree. i still think they could’ve chosen someone else, regardless if they looked like edward or not. it’s called makeup and hair dye. i just hope his performance is good in this movie – maybe that will make me change my mind about him playing edward.

Comment by mia

You know what all of you people need to stop being so bitchy about his casting! He was chosen he is playing Edward, and you know what he is attractive! What you narrominded people don’t seem to understand is that Stephanie loved the fact that he was casted, she was saying that he was becoming the Edward she imagined long ago. She’s is the one who imagined and created him, not you! The directors can’t please everone of you who complain about every little thing! have you people even taken in consideration that this guys has feelings too? You guys are rude! True twilight fans would be SUPPORTIVE, not negative idiots who have to complain about everything. Look at pictures of him AS Edward and maybe you will change your tune! give him a chance. He is perfect for Edward! Have you heard his american accent?

Comment by Lizz

i think the man is a freaking hotty! i also think he will play the part perfectly:]] and for those who like jacob…BOO

Comment by JENNY

Ok so i relize that you all have different views on who Edward should be, but he is a pretty good pick for this roll, if you think about it kinda. Gaspered would have been a good pick too but hes just pretty, and they might need to work alot on this accent. Plus Gaspered turned down that roll so….

Comment by Kayla

rob dosn’t have the right edward look….and in the new entertainment weekly he looked hairy and possessed…

Comment by blaire stanley

I love the Twilight series, and Robert may not be what we all imagined as Edward, but I think he will play the role great. Hopefully the movie will live up to all of our espectations. Plus I think everyone will come out of theatres with a different view of the characters from what we’ve all seen so far. A more positive look! PEOPLE THINK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! There is alot of mean things being said right now about the cast. Just because they aren’t what your invisioned doesn’t mean there ugly people.

Comment by Ashlee

Alright, hes not perfect, but I mean really who is? Everyone pictures him differently when they read the books and everyone has a different vision of what gorgeous is. This is one of the reasons i hate when they make movies from books, it ruins the image your mind created while you read. Although he really doesn’t “look more like a greek god than anyone has the right to.” I think we just need to try to get warm up to him if we want to like the movie.

Comment by la te da

i just seen the magasine today and i think robert is a perfect part for edward. but he should shave his cest for the movie tho lol cuz the way stephine portay’s edward i dont thik he would have a hairy chest. but for the couple of guys that other ppl ave mentioned nooooooooooo he would be a good edward AT ALL. but robert is a perfect edward. and for all u other ppl like making ur smart remarks nobody wants to hear that u dont like the person they picked for edward. i think that all the cast members are exactly how they look when u read the book. and i cant wait to see what older jacob will look like πŸ™‚

Comment by felicia

I HATE ROBERT FOR EDWARD!!! He has no idea what he’s doing!!!! HE SUX!!! I agree totally with the first comment on this page!

Comment by Melicia

I think he will pull it off good. In the book it is through Bella’s eyes he was portrayed as a beautiful God so as long as that is how the movie goes I am all for it. Everyone has their own opinion of Esward.

Comment by Tressa

Everyone seems to be making a fuss over whether Robert is a good choice for Edward… But really, who is right to play Edward? No matter who they chose no one would think it was a good choice because when you read the book you think of your own Edward. No one is going to be exactly how each individual person pictured them. As much as he doesn’t look like my Edward.. He is a good choice.

Comment by Lauren

So here’s the bottom line, this movie is more than likely going to SUCK compared to the book! The characters do not even compete with how Stephanie Meyers portrays them in it! If they were going to make a movie, they should have at least tried finding some more suitable actors, not completely slaughter it.

Comment by topfan!

I think that Robert will be exellent as Edward. And of course Edward is soposse to be hotter, he’s a frickin vampire (and unhuman, so is that really possible?) So i think he’s great!

Comment by Darling

At first I wasn’t excited about Edward when I saw him in one of his pictures of but then I saw his picture with Bella and it did seem like Bella and Edward.Then I saw another picture that he looked perfect so suppose he will be good as long as he has the mysterious personality like he did in the book. Bella is just how I imagined! So both are good.

Comment by Degas

well, i was pretty mad when i saw that Robert was playing Edward. I mean Edward Cullen is supposed to be THE most beautiful thing EVER and i mean, Robert just doesnt cut it. He’s supposed to be breathtaking. And quite frankly, Robert doesnt have that look.
However, I saw the trailer and he may pull it off. He needs to work on his gaze… badly.

Comment by c!vjs_mrsedwardcullen

No WAYY!! HE is just lyk the hottest person around! and he cn totally do justice to the role.
M soooo completely with hiM!
Robert ROCK ON!

Comment by VIRUS!!!

i honestly can not understand what everyone problem is. i think the role of Edward was picked amazingly… robert has a great face and that kind of mysterious look. i couldnt imagine anyone better. Gasparad is ugly… i sorry but he looks ot frumpy to play edward

Comment by Megan

I don’t know… I don’t really like Robert playing Edward…. when I pictured Edward in my mind I think of someone ten times more amazing and someone who makes me melt… kinda like Jim Sturgess; but the picture with him and Bella kinda seems like he should play Edward.
It’s sorta a mixed descion.
However, the gaze does need some work… O.o

Comment by Emily

Whoa! You guys are nuts! Simply put, Rob can act. And his appearance is perfect for Edward -just wait. He is so uniquely handsome and not the run-of-the-mill pretty boy that is everywhere now. I applaud the choice and I can’t wait to see how he proves all of you wrong. Hope you are ready to eat crow because 12/12/08 is coming!

Comment by Scarlett

Thank you! I am glad that someone else agrees with me that Robert Pattison isn’t hot enough to play Edward. He does look better in this movie than past films, but over all he makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little. I just can’t bring myself to picture him as Edward when I read the books even after I know that he has been casted for him. I think that Hayden Christensen would have been tons better.

Comment by Traci

chace crawford is living perfection.
he would have done well since edward was described as that.

i perosnally like robert though.
lots of potential,

Comment by asdf

at first ii thought he looked all wrong.. definately not godlike enough.. but after a while ii warmed up to him, && even though he’s NOT going to b hunky enough, he might still b a good enough actor to pull it off.. if he has the Edward Cullen vampire charm, then ii think ii can settle for him- BUT he has to get a better gaze going!! but ii had to realize that they have to have a mortal play as Edward so ii guess no guy is perfect.. =[

Comment by Tohnny

At first I didnt think Rob was a good choose for Edward. I didnt picture him as Edward. But now after seeing the previews, I have to admit he is a pretty sweet guy and I don’t think he’ll disappoint us. πŸ™‚ I just can’t wait till Breaking Dawn comes out!!!!!!!!, and then TWILIGHT THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!! I<3 Edward Cullen!!!!!

Comment by tiffanyyy

I was so excited when I heard they were making a movie about Twilight, but after I found out who was playing Edward(my favorite character)i was going nuts, Edward is suppose to be perfect in every way, Robert isn’t. I think Sean Faris would be the perfect Edward.

Comment by sartu

really honestly are we all fighting over who is playing who in movie? He is chosen and I think he is a good pick. Better than any of you could do. I really think we are all so frustrated about this is because we all want an Edward Cullen to our selves and that will never ever happen! So just put on your big girl panties and deal with it. I LOVE EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by tiffanyyy

however much i wish the cast was different i cant do anything about so… sucks but im living with it…still cant wait for the movie though!!!

Comment by isabel

edward cullen should have been played by cillian murphy. seriously if anyone doesnt know who he is look him up i imagined him as edward the moment he was described in twilight. this guy? are you kidding me? now wayyyyy

Comment by juno

does anyone watch gossipgirl?
i think that the guy who plays Nate
(can’t think of his real name)
would play a muchhhh better edward.

Comment by julie

I’m getting kind of annoyed by how many people are dissing the choices for the cast of Twilight. A lot of you don’t think that Robert isn’t a good choice because of some reasons that make no sence. You say he’s not muscular enough when really the book says he’s kind of lanky…he’s lankier than the rest in the family anyway. You also say he can’t do the stare right…get over it because everyone has a different idea of the stare! And you say that the familly isn’t perfect enough…REALLY?! I’m sorry but hello??? Noone is inhumanly perfect. So if you know anyone whose skin is so pale and smooth it looks like marble, whose eyes are so gorgeous it makes you dizzy and unable to catch your breath, whose smile is so perfect you want to do whatever you can to make them happy so you can see that smile again then I seriously envy you! I think that Robert Pattinson is a great choice for this if not the perfect one. And I also belive they were right on with choising Kristen Stewart because in every movie I’ve seen her in she was amazing. So give them a break and see the movie before you critisize because you could be completely wrong about this and the movie could imideately be a new clasic.

Comment by kristin

Ladies, ladies, ladies! I have no objection to Robert playin Edward! He’s basically what I had pictured him to look like I just would to see what he looks like with NO SHIRT! As for Bella I think myself would have been a better choice!

Comment by maria

here here! i agree! i wasn’t that happy with the choice at first either, BUT i have read that their chemistry on screen is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I don’t know about the rest of you but edward to be is a combination of people i know. his smile, his eyes, his build! I imagine those features from all different people and so there is no way you are ever going to get that in one! like the last post said- i would totally envy you too! it’s never going to meet the expectations of millions of people so you’re just going to have to accept it for what it is. and i seriously DOUBT that you aren’t going to see it just because you don’t like the actors! i’m sure each and every one of you will be waiting in line on midnight of december 12th. i know i will! πŸ˜‰ So BE NICE! (just imagine if he read this)

Comment by stephanie

Oh my god. I can’t believe all the crap that people are saying about Robert. If you actually GET passed the fact that he’s not the godlike gorgeous creature that Stephenie made him out to be, he’s actually one of the best choices for Edward. I myself would have casted Gaspard Ulliel, Tom Sturridge, or Henry Cavill as Edward, but hey, life isn’t that great right? Anyway, at first I as a little edgy about Rob playing Ed, but later on I could see it. In fact, I’m glad they chose him. So all you ladies out there who’re whining about Robert being cast as Edward, I’ve got three words for you. GET OVER IT! As for Bella, I’m okay with Kristen playing Miss. Swan but I would have picked Emily Browning. She just SCREAMS Bella. But again, life isn’t perfect right?

Comment by Sara

i personally believe Robert Pattinson is a good choice. He is who i see when i read the books. He is as close to perfect as i can think of. No one is perfectly perfect. if you dont like the choice, stick to the book. i personally think Robert was an excellent choice. :]

Comment by Kayla

I think robert pattinson is a great actor and he can play it well..i come the filmmakers will choose him if he’s not good??!..ofcourse before getting the character, you have to experience different auditions..the filmmakers knows what’s good to the well as stephanie..she made all this edward image and i think she likes rob to play edward..
but i think fellas’, before giving negative comments or criticizing the movie..telling it as “crap, trash, or blah blah blah”..we should watch it first before giving negative comments..

it’s like you jump to the conclusion before your observation and experimentation..

that’s all..we should not judge robert by his previous roles or looks..perhaps we should look forward to the movie and let see if robert passed the standard of Edward!..

Comment by leizel


Comment by hanah


Comment by hanah

Robert Pattinson is the hottest mother f”cuker alive. come on what did you expect.

He can act and he is hot. We all have our own ideas in our head and no one person can fit that for all of us. If you don’t like the movie just read the book.No one is forcing you.

Jacob is great. In fact their all great for the movie. In my head i will always and still have another opinion and picture their but what can we do.

I hate the Bella, her voice is so frustrating.

Once again Robert Pattinson is not nearly as amazing as described in the book. No one will ever be but in reality he is so amazingly gorgeous and you all know it.


Comment by Jen

Holy shit Rob is sooooo hot.
I love him for Edwards.


Comment by Jen

I agree strongly…Robert was a bad choice he doesn’t match Edward at all his eyebrows are WAY 2 bushy 4 his own good…

Comment by Weaping Willow

Lol Edward is supposed to be perfection, and noone in this world is going to be that so there are gonna be some dissapointments to some pplz bot Robert, but zomg hes so hot nywaiz. He cud totally pull of that scary vampirish look but stil be attractive

Comment by James

I don’t know why so many people are complaining. Robert Pattinson is fucking hott and is great for the Edward Cullen role. Once he’s in makeup with the lighting and everything, he looks born to play Edward. I think people just have to realize that every girl has a different figure of Edward in her mind, according to her own personal tastes, and no single actor can satisfy all of these figures. Robert Pattinson is just as close as anyone is going to get.

Comment by skinnycow172

i agree… edward is supposed to be sooo hot.. robert really doesnt do the role justice… isnt bella supposed to be really average and plain? this one looks like a model.. :p

but im looking forward to the movie

Comment by shawna

The two perfect fits character-wise I think are Edward and Emmett- Robert Pattinson and Kellan Lutz. Robert Patterson seriously looks like he could really be a vamp, and Kellan is EXACTLY how I pictured Emmett. Perfect.
Bella on the other hand, I do NOT like Kristen Stewart to be playing at all. As someone else stated before, the voice is DEFINITELY off.. and Kristen is not how I imagined Bella at alll. Someone mentioned Emily Browning.. and I can say that Emily fits my image of Bella much better than Kristen.

Comment by Anna

Basically I have to say that I don’t really like Kristen for this role as well. I’m not sure but she is not what I imagined as “Bella”.
Robert on the other side is perfect, I think. IT’s absolutely clear that since Edward is a vampire in the book there is no human that may get even close to what is considered his beauty in the novel. But his face has really fitting features.
I guess we have to wait until the actual movie to find out how much they actually fit.

Comment by millena

iDon’t really like who they chose except for James, Jacob, Edward, and Bella

Comment by xBaybii.Love

at first i thought he was drop dead uglybut then i keept looking at him and hes really not that bad..
but he is not right for edward.
i understand everyone sees him differnt but everyone sees him much better than robert!
i think the whole cast is wrong.
im still pumped for the movie!!

Comment by rachel

you know the author helped cast some of the people so since she wrote the book I think she knows better than anyone what edward should look like so get overr it you must have imagined wrong!!!

Comment by danielle

I think the main problem is that in the books (before breaking dawn of course) Bella always seems to not think herself worthy of edward, probably primarily because of his perfect face -Kirsten Stewart is obviously way more beautiful than Robert in a traditional way. Should be the other way around: Edward being handsome in anyone’s eyes, and bella being more interesting in comparison to him… SHe looks more like a vampire than he does in most pictures! Oh well… I guess we’ll just have to see how it works out. I hope the movie does the books justice. Which will be hard, but not entirely impossible =)

Comment by Chloe

What happened with Tom?… see now that would have been a good Edward he’s a god!! Tom Sturrges!!!!

Comment by Leslie

Robert Pattinson looks hot in the movie trailers. Suffice to say, thank the Lord that he has a STYLIST for the movie, can’t say much bout his taste otherwise – bushy eyerows, sloppy dressing, bad hair etc. Gaspard Ulliel is gorgeous but he seems much too shy to play Edward. Rob fits the arrogance.

Besides their fictional characters, they’re bound to be different ‘looking’ to different people. Enjoy twilight while it lasts though, i hear Breaking Dawn will leave us with a feeling of “discontent” so to speak. *sighs*


Comment by mishona

Firstly, I’d just like to say that this is the first time i’ve EVER bothered to write a comment on a webpage, so you ladies can see how important this topic is to That’s how much the Twilight book, and especially Edward Cullen, has impacted my life (as i’m sure most of you can relate to )…i actually only found out about the book a couple of weeks ago, after i saw the movie poster displayed at the cinema where i work… At first i thought the book was a little bit cheesy, but then i realized the relationship was so…unique and unorthodox and pure and heartbreakingly romantic. And come on, edward cullen is the sexiest, most devoted, most angstful, most perfect character i’ve ever known. Afterwards, when i saw the pics and the trailers, i didn’t instantly feel…smitten… with robert pattinson, but he definitely grew on me to the point where i can’t imagine anynoe else playing him. First of all, he’s supposed to be SEVENTEEN in physicality! Most 17-year-olds aren’t as bulky and muscular as some of the other actors you guys have mentioned. He actually LOOKS his age and he actually IS beautiful. His features are very distinct, his skin is pale and flawless and he genuinely looks like a vampire to me.Slight and angelic and brooding…and mysterious…especially in the trailor clip where Emmett says ‘she’s not one of us’; Rob/Edward looks so striking when he looks up at his brother. His hair (and eyebrows lol) in the movie look very hot and i think his gaze was PERFECTION in the scene where he looks into Bella’s eyes right after saving her from Tyler’s car. W-O-W. haert-stopping for me….And the funny thing is,i hated him as Cedric Diggory lol.As for Kristen Stewart, i think she’s a good choice. She’s very pretty in a plain, tom-boyish sort of way. I actually like her voice too; i take her character more seriously with a deep voice. I pictured emmett exactly the way he was casted but Rosalie isn’t as beautiful as i thought she might be. I think Jasper is pretty hot (he kind of reminds me of that dude on american idol, except without the dreadlocks) and I don’t like Alice’s haircut in the film. But other than that, i think they’ll pull it off great. Nothing could ever compare to the book obviously, but I like the aura of the way this film seemed to be put together. For you Pattinson haters,please give him a chance and try to look through the eyes of bella. And also remember that the chemistry between the actors is way more important,and i think there will be sparks flying everywhere. The dialogue alone will be enough to satisfy everyone.

Comment by Dawn

It’s hard to get past the difference between the faces in your mind that you’ve come to know and love, and the faces of the actors/actresses, but if you can just get past that and go and actually see the movie trailors with the cast in full character mode, then it’s possible to see why they would choose this cast. everyone nails the little quirks and characteristics, and yes, images. keep in mind that these people aren’t just being cast for their faces(though in my opinion, those are right too once you get used to them), they should also portray the essence of the character. i think that kristen actually has down the endurant fragility of bella much more than emily browning… and like many people have said, you just have to acknowledge that nobody on earth is as perfect as the cullen family, or can read the picture in everyone’s minds and create a sufficient person. however, i believe that once this comes onto the big scene and everything has been perfected and finished, people are going to be surprised by how amazing it turns out. i’m going to guess that not many people are going to leave the theater feeling too dissapointed.

Comment by Lylas

i think robert will do……. fine….i guess although Tom Sturridge would be the #1 choice for me right now….. but whatever… im just pissed about Kristen Stewart playing bella….i mean COME ON! even I could do better….

Comment by DEDE

i personally think that rob is perfect for edward imean i admit when i first saw him i was shocked i didnt fit the part but then he grew on me when i saw him as edward in the trailers i also think the cullen family is perfect EDWARD ROCKS

Comment by sonia

Okay. people are way to harsh on the guy. I think he is really cute and honestly i was surpirsed that the casting people picked someone so close to what i imagined while reading the book. everytime i see a trailer i get goose bumps. although some of the other characters arent what i imagined, i think robert is the perfect choice. I cant wait for the movie.

Comment by Jasmine

so i just want to point out that none of you have realized the most important thing. edward is perfection BECAUSE bella is in love with him. no matter who a person is, if you are completely and utterly in love with them, they are perfect to you no matter what. that is why he is portrayed the way he is in the books because they are all from bella’s perspective. and when midnight sun comes out, after the initial hate for being so overpowering to him, bella will be portrayed as godly and way better than we have ever imagined because he in turn loves her in the same way.

robert pattinson is not butt ugly. [Ed. note: No insults directed at other commentors, please!]

and like many before me have said, noone is perfect.

just give robert a chance. see the movie, then make your comments. everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is ridiculous. and if you watch some videos, you will see how amazing kristen and robert’s chemistry is, and why they are the best two-some to play the roles. they fit together perfectly.

Comment by alice

im not really all for the actors that will come out this movie i mean everyone has there own opinion, there own idea of the story line and all the characteres and now theres a way they are supposed to look?
i dislike it alot

Comment by Emma

ewww, his face is shaped really weird! god, how do you people actually like THAT?

Comment by Ellie

I read the books after I’d seen the trailers for the movie, so Edwards always been Rob in my head. He is a bit dirty junkie looking, but with make up and the right lighting, I think he’ll do great as Edward! ❀

Comment by Jess

When I first saw him I thought “Gosh, he isnt at ALL hot enough to play Edward”
But after looking at the trailer for twilight, and behind the scenes I completely think he is right for it. Not only do he and “Bella” (Kirsten Stewart) have amazing chemistry, he plays the part well.

And come on, when are movies/real people better than our imagination, no-one can be as dreamy as the Edward in our heads


Comment by Jade Doyle

Gaspard Ulliel
all the way!!
He’s utterly perfect to play edward and he doesn’t even know it.
The only perfect cast for this movie in my opinion is Emmett and Jasper.
Alice looks too b*tchy and Rosalie not at all pretty.
But what’s more devastating then Edward looking completely off, is Jacob looking more off.
I love Jacob, but the one casting as him doesn’t suit his character at all.
Like most of you, I’m disappointed as well.

Comment by Claire

I don’t think Robert should play Edward, however Kristen was a great choice.

Comment by lex

what on earth is wrong with the producers of twilight!
why would they make priissy harry potter boy EDWARD!
i nearly spewed when i heard he was doing it!
but i guess its to late.

Comment by andii

Well i, of very few, think that Robert Pattinson, Playing Edward Cullen is the PERFECT choice! I coudn’t be happier!

Comment by Selena

and i’de also like to add that all of the other characters are a perfect choice too, in my oppinion.

Comment by Selena

Hmm. Robert Pattinson. Okay. Just Okay. Not who I would have picked. I think Gaspard Ulliel would have been way better, but thats just because he’s hott. Stephanie Meyer agrees with the choice of Robert as Edward, So there must be something she liked about him. Either way, it could be dissapointing because movies are never as good as the books they were originally.

Comment by Chandler

I think he is a good choice for edward
But wasnt edward supossed to have golden

Comment by pippa

I think that robert is perfect as edward..he has that raw sexuality that edward has..i want to marry that guy.

Comment by Kristie

Personally, I love both of the actors signed to play the roles. They’re just as the book described, and Robert has a breathtaking beauty that clearly matches the description in the book. I nearly fainted when I saw him! That’s how gorgeous he is. However, the girl signed to play Bella could have been different. Bella was described as plain in appearance, but obviously the girl playing her has unsurpassed beauty. Just an observation.

Comment by Rebecca

I’ve finished the first book and I’m in half with ”New Moon”..
I think that the books are awesome and the way Stephanie Meyer writes is just absolutely wonderful.
And about the actors.. well.. They are not what I imagined but they are okay.. in some way they both fix in the story..
I can’t wait to see the film.. I think it’s gonna be.. a real WOW!:)

Comment by Irina

um well i was not expecting you to pick robert but i guess it could work……you will need a lot of make up to make him perfect. and he better make up for it with his acting.
rosalie was not what i pitcured and bella is a bit to pretty. but i will get use to it.

Comment by Ava

You are supposed to use your imagination when you read a book. So everyone is going to picture Edward in their own way. I think the Robert is a good choice i have no problem with him. It is just a movie so you can see it in action. I think you should picture the character of Edward however you choose.=]]

Comment by brandie

I’m confused….if Edward is Stephenie Meyer’s creation and she’s all right with Robert playing Edward then why are so many people in a tizzy? He’s not even your character. This will sound harsh but…it doesn’t really matter who you think should play Edward because it’s not your choice. You don’t have to agree with it and if it bugs you THAT much, then don’t watch the movie. That’s always a possibility with turning a book into a movie, everyone has their own ideas about what the characters look like. Only one person can get casted and that means a lot of people will be unhappy.

Comment by Kourtney

I think that Robert Pattinson will play the role of Edward beautifully, I’ve seen a few trailers for the movie and think that he is perfect for the role. He does have that glare that is descrived in Stephenie’s book, just because one picture isn’t perfect doesn’t mean he will not be good. Robert is extremely handsome and I am thoroughly excited for Twilight to come out in November!

Comment by robyn

i first thought he was a not that good of a choice for edward because of his body built, he’s a bit thinner than what i pictured to be edward.. but his face is definitely fit for the role..
let’s just wait and see how the movie turns out..
** i really hope they’re able to give justice to their parts!!! ^_^

Comment by danielle

well when people read the book twilight, the author described edward has an “angel’s face” and “shockingly beautiful”.. anyone could say that he is not the right character but where do u find a guy that is really, REALLY HANDSOME and can act exactly how edward is, as described in the book..?? NO GUY IS PERFECT…*sigh
And Bella is supposed to be fragile and clumsy, the actress can act like that…its pretty darn simple
Im really sick of people describing the “perfect” Edward.. eveyone has a different definition for perfect..
well i think both of them are good enough to be in twilight so THATS THAT!

Comment by Twilight Freak

I think that Robert Pattinson will do ok for the role of Edward….i know that i am excited for the movie to come out but I,m not gonna get my hopes up cause i know that he wont be exactly like Edward cause Edward is a character in a book…there is no way that anybody is gonna do find the perfect “Edward”..but Pattinson did good in Harry Potter so i think he will make a good Edward.

Comment by Barookie

(here again…finally)Well, I can see some people havent lightened up….good GOD!!!!! Some of these comments are really mean. I cant remember if I said this before, but I didnt like Robert as Edward at first. I learned to accept it. So Robert is not exactily what some of us think Edward looks like, big deal. I actually am starting too see Robert as Edward anymore anyway.

I have seen some of the spoilers for the movie, I think it will be great! I cant wait to see what they do for Edwards skin in the meadow…O.o *sparkles*XD!!!! im glad that they havent gone exactaily by the book, that would kinda kill my fan fic ideas….ive written three so far. So the movie being just based off the book is OK!!!! Oooh, I am so excited……..

….imagining what they will do…..aaahhh the possibilities!!!! Oh. BTW, Go Staphenie! Cant wait till Midnight Sun is published! Edwards pov will be interesting to read…..

Comment by Bree

Oooo. I cant wait for the movie!!! I think Robert is the perfect choice for Edward. Although I like Jaspers better. I think he is prettier. This is going to be a great movie!!

I dont see what all the fuss is about. Yea Robert doesnt look like Edward, oh well. I think he is another, more material version of Edward. Woo Hoo!!!!

Comment by TWgeek

OMG I CANT WAIT 4 THE MOVIEE!!! =)I think Robert and Kirsten are really good choices to play Bella and Edward. I absolutely love the books and I think the movie is going 2 be sickly!

Comment by Gabriella

Well i think that Robert is a perfect choice. The moment I saw the picture for the trailer I was happy with it. Cedric IS HOT!! And I have to disagree with those of you who claim he can’t act…he can. Besides was there ever going to be a PERFECT Edward? NO. Ther are no perfectly beautiful human beings=[ And am I the only one who cringes at the thought of Gaspard Ulliel plaing Edward. EWWWW! I mean he’s kinda a cutey patuty in some pictures but….no his long dimples take away from that breathtaking smile thats suppose to be Edwards. Gaspard is not hot at all just kinda cute. Colten Haynes was another name flung out there and of All of them he is by far the hottest…but he reminds me more of what I pictured Mike Newton to look like. Rosali is iffy to me cause she is suppose to be the MOST beautiful and I don’t see it in any of the actresses photos, so I don’t know if I will like her. Alice….? I am very intrigued so we will see. As for Emmet and Jasper…I imagined them much larger and perhaps a lil older looking. As for James’ party, well I pictured them older than anyone they cast for them. I’m hoping that Victoria will surprise me, at first i didn’t like the choice but after seeing some of the trailers and such I am hoping she will change my mind tho I thought her hair would be redder LOL!!! I love Jacob’s character and am pleased so far with Bella, but who knows about her till after they see the movie?
All in all…I can’t WAIT!!!

Comment by Ryane

Im sorry but i really dont think he is the right person hes not even that good looking and they always so how edward is like a god…..he is definately not…..i think steven straight would be a good edward thats just my opinion though

Comment by random

Hey, Rayne, ur not alone!I completely agree with you, except on Jasper. I like who they picked for Jasper. Rosalies actress is pretty, yea, but I dont think she screams Rosalie, but that is because I havent seen anything to prove it. I absolutely REFUSE to watch any spoilers or trailers!!!! I want the movie to be a total surprise.
And I couldnt agree more that there is not a perfect Edward out there. If there is, he is nowhere near the HUMAN population.;P LOL. This is going to be the best movie of the century! I soooo cant wait! Yay.
All ya alls better get over the fact that NO ONE IS A PERFECT EDWARD!!!!!!! I dont care, Rob is the ideal person to play Edward.XD

Comment by TWgeek

personally I think Robert Pattinson is not the best choice for Edward. But guys who are saying Tom Sturridge is hotter..yeah maybe he is but you have to admit, he’s not angular enough. he has a round face, round nose, round mouth. He would not channel Edward in the same way Rob does. I think it’s Kristen Stewart that’s the problem. She just isn’t pretty enough to be Bella. Her chin really annoys me. I want to punch it.

Comment by norwegian_guys

I think that casting Robert Pattinson as Edward was ok. I not saying that he’s not hot because he is. I can’t think of someone that would be better so I can’t complain, I think that everyone expects Edward to look like a God, so anything less is a let down. But I really don’t think that the person playing Bella can pull it off

Comment by Robyn

Hello. Robert Pattinson I believe was a good choice to play Edward. He has strong facial features that would add up to equal those in the book. There are few angles to which detract from Robert’s main features. By far, I think he is the best actor for the part. Kirsten Stewart is a profound actress and very beautiful. She would have been the first actress I would have chosen to play Bella. She can pull off Bella’s emotions better than anyone I would say. I have seen other movies Kirsten has been in and I must say I was very impressed. As for Jacob. I would have thought that Garret Hedlund would have made for an outstanding Jacob. i think he has the qualities for Bella’s Jacob. Tall, lean, tan skin, long hair. It all fit in my perspective. the woman who plays Victoria, well first she needs to have the flaming oragne-red hair. Otherwise it was a fair choice. Every actor or actress that has been chosen is perfect in some way. I’m just stating my opinion :).


Comment by Melody

I think people need to take into account that the people created were based purely in a fictional sense and there will never be the perfect match for any of the characters.
on that note once you have read a book that captivates you in such a way – the movie will never compare to what the words have created for us in our owns minds.

Comment by SIN&GRACE

robert’s okay i guess, but i think hayden christensen suits edward better tho. he has that smoldering eyed look like edward. wuddya guys think?

Comment by ^farah^

i think the choice for edward was HORRIBLE! he’s nothing like the book makes you think. he’s ugly,NOT hot, and he defenitely does not make you think of a vampire! if he went to my school i wouldnt think twice of dating this guy!

Comment by Chelsea

He’s a cutie… ❀
Come on people, no one can actually be as perfect as Edward, so give it a rest. He’s totally the best Edward of all the actors anybody else named… Yum.

Comment by Twiliiiiight

honesty i hate the cast so much. edward is no where near the picture i had in my head and i hate kristin haa and jacob looks so young i was hoping for a hot hot tall tan guy and jasper looks frickin gay. everyone on the set just didn’t fit with what i had in mind

Comment by Jessica

Robert in Twilight is brilliant. Good choice.
Really down to earth. Hope he stays that way.

Comment by Chrissy

Oh the best Edward would have been Tom Welling from Smallville. What more can you say? He’s gorgeous, can look so innocent and then so demonlike all at once. And he has that ability through his acting to make you believe that his costar is the love of his life. He would have been perfect. But let’s all judge when the movie comes out.

Comment by Lauri

I’d have to say reading the series I fell in love with an image of perfection.This actor is far from it and I refuse to watch the movie only for fear of him destroying my dream of this angelic edward..The actress cast as Bella has better luck playing Edward… since she has far more beauty than this clown….

Comment by Amanda

OH SHUP PPL, da woz chosen 4 da part yh n if u gt a prob wid him den solv it, i tink hes perfect 4 da part!!!!!

Comment by narnia

Oh SHUP ppl, eave da guy alone, if u have a prob wid da guy den solv it. i tink hes perfect for da part, hes sexccccccc

Comment by naziaaaaaaa

are u ppl morans or something like that!!!!!
robert is PERFECT!!! he fits the best for playing edward. hes gorgeous! hes voice is strong and a bit sensual and hes a realy good actor. he can totaly pull it off.
so STFU u haters.
but i have to say that im not very happy ’bout Kristen Stewart . i think she just looks too good for playing her. and she doesnt look like shes a clumsy person. and bella has clumsy written all over her ! but i think the movie will be good even tho theyr on a low budget, but not as good as the book !

Comment by Lisa

I think he is a great choice for Edward. He is exactly how i pictured edward. I think the whole cast is great. i am wondering who will play renesmee in the 4th movie. personally i think it should be me cause i fit the description PERFECTLY!!! plus that guy who plays Jacob is hott. haha -byebye!

Comment by Kristin

This is going to be the greatest movie ever! i am definatly pumped! But the people who are in charge of casting Renesmee should really read this because i am telling you.. i am perfect for her!!! im not even lying.

Comment by Kristin

okay for all you people who think he’s not good enough. NO ONE IS. god you freaks! if you actually read the BOOK you’d know that no guy on EARTH is good looking enough to play the role of edward. this guy is a great actor and he’s pretty hot. ya maybe they could’ve gotten someone better. who knows. i’m looking forward to seeing how he does.

Comment by katie

I think he is dead sexy=]]
And is perfect for the part.
When I saw the movie trailer, after reading the first book, it made it more exciting to read the rest of them…. he is simply beautiful.

Comment by Kim

i think robert is hella sex and is perfect for the part of edward. hes mysterious and captivating (hello, just look at his beautiful face). and the rest of the cast is perfect too. so everyone needs to chill, you’ll love him by the end of the movie anyways.

Comment by adrienne

I don’t think Robert is going to be the problem for me. I think it’s gonna be the chick playing Bella. For me she just isn’t Bella, in the one scene of the previews when he asks if hes afraid and she says “just afraid of losing you” she doesn’t at all like the Bella I had in my head. Her voice is too deep and it isn’t breathy enough. It seemed in the books that Bella was often breathless around Edward so her voice in the movie shouldn’t be so STRONG and DEEP.

Comment by Lauren

I’m glad I’ve come to know Twilight, the book and movie, after casting is over. I could just imagine the agony of fans waiting for the final cast and the disapppointment when their bets did not make it.

I have to say I fell in love with KStewart and RPattinson at once when I saw them as Bella and Edward. They are near to what I have imagined them to be. I would even say perfect. So let’s just wait for the movie and see if they can live up to the expectations and prove their critics wrong.

Comment by guinevere

Im sorry but robert wasa hideous choice to play edward i fellin love with an image of edward that im sorry robert doesnt nearly come close to what imagined and i saw his “crocked smile” the one bells absolutley fell in love with and yeah i hated it it looked so planned so fake it made me question weather i wanted to see the movie at all he isnt nearly the hottest vampire on the planet hes mearly a bad actor looking for a movie saga to call his own.

Comment by Nikki Ostojic

I think they missed the mark on Edward. James Franco would have been perfect for this part.

Comment by Wendy

i think rob will be great, it would be kinda odd if bella was just pretty and edward was OMG!!! hot, its better that they are closer to the same hottness level, hes great and shes great , lets not make judgment before the movies out, if you go into the theater with a closed mind and you keep thinking this is gunna suck this is gunna suck then it probably will, go in there with a open mind and you may be suprised on how it turns out

Comment by melisa

everyone is saying how imperfect rob is, and everyone has to remember that the book is based on the way bella sees edward, so to her he is perfection but to someone elts he may not have been so even in the book, if stephani think he a good choice then everyone should suck it up, shes the one who imagined him in the first place, so she would know what edward looks like, gAhhhhhhh!!!! i cant stand idiotic people who bad mouth others, is there any point , edwards not going to change so stop whining!!!!!

Comment by melisa

not Adonis, but still.. every individual who has read the book/s (i have only read twilight so far) has his/her own opinion of what Edward should look like. i mean, who has seen Adonis to compare with Robert? i think the author shouldn’t have invested on that specific department too much. His build would have been enough. i think that it would have been better if she left out the really specific details of how the lead male character should look like to “stimulate” her potential readers’ imaginations. in addition to that, she wouldn’t have such a hard time with picking out the cast for the movie.
What i’m going to say next may be hypocritical, but i’m still gonna say it.
Gone were the days when people looked at films and saw art.
Now, movies sell because of the (a) actors’/actresses’ sex appeal/appearance, (b) “romance”, for that matter, and (c) violence.
There are but a few who are still inclined to watching art films. Sad, really.
With our expectations rocketing to sky high, I just hope that they all can do the part the way it was told in the book, the way the author meant it to be.


Comment by abi

I think who ever cast these actors/actresses hasn’t ever read the book. The parts are so wrong…

Comment by Quinn

I really believe Robert is a wornderful and perfect choice! he’s a great actor and he really fits the caracter!
And Blimey he looks exactly the same as the Edward of the book!

Comment by JoΓ©e

wow im not too opinionated about the whole cast being the best.. BUT ROBERT AS EDWARD IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!

Comment by danielle

I have been reading some peoples comments about who they thought should play Edward and I’ve come to realize that people have really different taste in what they find sexy. Some of those other guys some people mentioned were very unattractive. I like the choice of who is playing Edward. When I read the books, it was him I imagined in my mind. I couldn’t imagine it being anyone else.

Comment by Jaime


Comment by tracy


Comment by courtney

ya’ll are effin rude. i hope the people who are saying that he isn’t sexy enough are supermodels because in reality this boy is going to go far. and he is actually goodlooking, just the media has brainwashed the public of thinking that the only sexy boy is some abercrombie and fitch jock hopefully he was picked because he is a good actor and brings out the character of edward onto the screen

Comment by tina

okay personally i thought robert was mega hot and perfect as edward. clearly other people disagree..
the only problem i see is maybe rosalie and alice, but that’s just my opinion.

Comment by chode

I know that alot of people are upset with the choice, But Since the writer thinks he’s perfect for the part, wouldn’t that explain what her image of edward was?
And isn’t the creators image the most important?

Comment by Amber

I think that Robert is going to play Edward great. Remember the books are from Bellas perspective so we can only see him through her eyes. This is the real Edward. Personally, I think that Rob Pattinson is beautiful….but that’s just my personal opinion. I think he will fit Edward Cullen perfectly.

Comment by Danielle

well to me he is great. the pic with him and the chick is hot. but the other one is terrible. he was sooo hot in harry potter, and i think he will be fine.
well to me he’s very good, because when i was readin the book i had this really really WRONG image that edward looked like EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!! SO BAD!! but of course i was wrong, so thats why Robert makes a wayyy better edward, coz im stuck with a Scissorhands image!

Comment by nat

i think Edward Pattinson is a great choice.
it doesn’t matter what he looks like or whatever, it’s how he plays the role. personlly i think he is heaps hot, and a great actor. he goes well with bella and i think his gaze is fine.
he is perfect and thats all i can say

Comment by chloe

Im 13 and i love the book Twilight
but i think they picked the wrong Edward
Edward should be Gaspard Ulliel even though hes someone totally different look it up i sware he HOTT
no jus bcause im 13 but him and bella would have been WAY WAY WAY BETTER GASPARD IS SOOOO SEXY!!

Comment by Ollivia

I think Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan would have been perfect for the role of Edward and Bella because they already have the love!

Comment by Cheryl

Aw come on rob is so hot ❀ the guy =] hes PERFECT.

Comment by Yumm

Ewww! why Robert, he’s so not right for the part of Edward, and plus he can’t pull off that awkward smile thing. But hey, why is everyone complaining about him (not that I don’t want you to), what about the role for Bella? what do you guys think about her?

Comment by Robyn

honestly, i saw the cast first before reading the book.. and as i read on, i thought, while stephanie was writing this, was she already expexting it to ba made into a movie? and was she already thinking that robert pattison would play edward?

people, try to watch the goblet of fire and see how attrctive he really is.. he might not be that goodlooking in still photos but he is really hot in the movie..

and as long as he does the part well, who cares if he is not attrctive enuf for others? hehe

go robert!

Comment by deany

i would have to say that the picture on the left does him no justice at ALL! i think that’s the worst i’ve ever seen him, but in twilight he is the sexiest, he even has that perfect crooked smile. i just think that everybody thought edward was going to be better, but any guy would have the toughest time being up to the edward in the books expectations (or should i say every girls imagination, the imagination is always better!) robert’s got guts! and he is doing just fine!!! ;D

Comment by wailani

GEEZ CALM DOWN EVERYONE! i think this guys will do just fine, and when u watch the movie ur probably gonna feel bad for what u all said πŸ˜€ and he is cute, u guys just dont know what cute is :p

Comment by katie

FINALLY!!!! It took me forever to get my stupid comp fixed. Oi, Im glad some of you are satisfied with Robert as Edward. Seriously. Yea yea were all entitled to our opinions, but you all who’re saying that “so-and-so would be way better than Robert…” wow. I shure hope he hasnt read this site, some of you are being pretty mean and petty. Juts think, if you were him and you read some of the stuff people were writing about you, wouldnt your feelings be hurt??? I would be pretty bumed out if it were about how imperfect for the role people thought I was.
I like Robert as Edward. Rob is a great actor…NO IM NOT BIASED!! I know what it feels like to be bagged on. I had it in third grade for a play, and the comments sucked….XP
Hey, have any of you been to Stephenies’ website lately??? What I got from that was that she isnt publishing Midnight Sun….. I AM SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF!!!!!!!! I have really been looking forward to that book!!!!T.T*cries* How could some jerk go off and distribute an unedited, unfinished copy w/o Stephenies’ approval??? Now all I have to look forward to is the movie, but my excitement is cut to pieces. Breaking Dawn is THE book I would have done (almost) anything for!


Comment by TWGeek

what is you pplz problem??? rob is HOTT! let him alone, no way will he be bad. perfect is the word ant nothin’ you can do to change it!!!!!!

Comment by dianne

Well, he was an okay choice….but the chick playing Bella is totally wrong for the part!!! It should be me instead! πŸ˜›

Comment by Abby

wow have just watched the official trailer and all i can say is rob is the perfect edward he is beyond hot *sigh* i wish i was bella

Comment by sarah

Omg seriously robert pattinson is soo extremely HOT!!! In my personal opinion he is the perfect choice for Edward and i think he’ll rock it. Everyone is sggesting other people that would make amazing Edwards (in their opinion) but if you thik about it nobody else seems to fit the part. And by just watching the new trailer it is completely obivous that he will be the most amazing Edward there can ever be.

Comment by Kristen

Ok, stop being haters! Seriously, Robert is a good choice and I think he is disgising his accent well! And if all of you think he SUX SO BAD. I would like to see you try so shut up and stop hating!

Comment by Ali

And also, I think They casted pretty well. The only thing is that they added like 2 random scenes that weren’t in the book! I don’t think they could cast any one else for the part of Edward because they just wouldn’t say edward. And most other people just couldnt do it! [like imagen orlando bloom as edward] and edward is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT
i hope they make the sequal! ROBERT PATTISON IS HOT AND ROX MY SOX

Comment by Ali

hey, quite dissing Robert!!!
You guys haven’t even SEEN how he acts in the movie for real yet (because, duh, it isnt out) so until you see the movie…SHUT UP!!!

Comment by olivia

At first i didn’t think that Robert would be good either but if you think about the book and how they described him Robert fits that. Edward isn’t supposed to be a a tall, tan, muscular guy. He’s supposed to be pale and sorta muscular and have crazy shaggy hair. After i thought about it i realized that he was an absoulutely great choice. The more i look at him the more i fall in love with him as Edward. And i think that if the people who don’t think that he is a good choice would think about how they described him in the book than they’ll see that Robert fits that profile perfectely. As for bella Kristen is perfect for her. She’s gorgeous. And she looks like Bella. I am so excited about the movie. I’m counting down the days. So quit hating on Robert as Edward. HE’S PERFECT

Comment by sam

ok at first i didnt think that Robert would be a good choice for Edward either. but after looking at him and thinking about how they described him in the book. Robert is perfect. Edward isn’t supposed to be tall,tan,and muscular. He’s should be pale skinny but still have alittle muscle and crazy shaggy hair. And the more i look at robert the more i see edward. He looks like someone who stand over and protect bella. He looks so protective. I’m so jelous. But anyway as for the stare Edward should look posessed and mesmorized by bella thats how it looks to be. But that’s just my opinion. I think they did great picking the cast. Not everyone is going to be happy by the choices but they’ll get over it. Everyone wants to see their favorite actor in a movie and they dont’ actually think about who should be right for the movie. Who fits the part and could fit the character. I’ve seen some of Roberts other movies and i think he’s a great actor. He’s not my favorite actor. (YET BUT HES GETTING THERE) but i think he’ll be great for the mysterious sexy protective vampire. I’m gettin excited just thinking about it. All the haters on Robert need to just keep an open mind and wait for the movie to give your opinion. LOVE TWILIGHT

Comment by sam

i think that they did a good job with Alcie,jacob,billy,and bella but i didnt like the rest of the cast….

Comment by mari_massscre


Comment by alexandra


Comment by Lisa

You people are crazy! Robert Pattinson is a FANTASTIC Edward. He has great potential. You can’t say that he’s not the ‘perfect’ Edward because he’s a fictional character. Stephanie Meyer created him, and if she thinks that Robert will make a great Edward, it’s not really your place to say he won’t, is it? GO ROBERT!!

Comment by Leah

Honestly, I think he is a great choice for Edward, every person’s taste is different. To tell you the truth, he is pretty much exactly what I had in mind when reading Twilight. I could not be happier with the choice, I think that physically he is beautiful & that he is a great actor as well. Everyone else will just have to deal with it, a lot of people I talked to are really happy with him as the choice for Edward. I AM!!!!

Comment by Kelly

why are u all being such haters????? rob is perfect. now th real problem is what twgeek says steph isnt writing midnight sun, we must send a petition to get her to finish and publish it!!!!! i wont be reading the part draft ill only read the published one.

Comment by ...

Robert is a babe. πŸ˜‰

Comment by Leyla

i agree with most of the other twilight fans out there – robert was not a very good choice for edward. he is not very good looking and when he tries to do the famous edward gaze (the one thats supposed to make Bella melt at his feet) he squints and looks zoned out. (no offense.) i personally think the casting people could have done better. i think the guy playing james is way cuter and so do my friends! but i think the rest of the role is perfect – especially jacob black and rosalie.

Comment by brittany


Comment by BELLA

I think that Robert is a good choice to play Edward. I can’t wait to se the movie, and the people who say that he’s not a good choice maybe you should see the movie when it comes out before you decide if he was good for the role or not.

Comment by Samantha

i think robert is the perfect edward. He is almost exactly what i pictured and all these people that keep saying that guy from hannibal rising would have been better r crazy. That guy is scary looking and all i would be able 2 think ofd when watching the twilight movie if he was edward would be when is he going 2 kill bella and eat her brain. It would just be wrong. But robert is soooooo hott and he is an amazing actor he will be an amazing edward. I cant wait im so excited!!! I LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON!!!

Comment by Loverobert

I think Roert Pattinson is a really great choise (I know i am in the minority). He obviously dosen’t fit every one’s expectations of being the flawless Edward Cullen, and i can see why. The pictures are pictures of Robert Pattinson being Robert Pttinson. But when i see him in the movie trailers or in the pictures on the set of the film (when he is in character) he almost fits the part to a tee, which is what a good actor should be able to accomplish. Give him a chance, he might surprise you. So, for the moment until, or if, he proves me dead wrong, I am on TEAM ROBERT! =)

Comment by Kenley

I have to admit that i too pictured Edward differently..but after seeing Posters, trailers,etc. I think that when in character garb Robert will do fine and so I now i can’t wait to see how he does throughout the movie. As for rest of the cast..well. I think Stewart as an actress comes across as being too serious..and in my mind I pictured someone a bit different. i mean Stewart is very pretty in the natural beauty sense so plus there ..i just don’t know if she can pull off being Bella. I mean Bella is a teen whose mature for her age but sassy ,clutzy and very likable too.& stewart seems cold. anyway Roselie is all wrong.Rachel Reed being recycled from directors previous film (thirteen). Reed does have the snot- tude down pat. But Roselie is supposed to be a jaw dropping beauty& I just pictured someone like the naturally blonde actress that played the love interest (the coveant & she’s the man).Now Jasper the actor would look much more appealing if they did something with his hair’s too much. I mean Edward is supposed to have the sexy unruly hair and i think they’ve achieved that..but Jasper come on boy needs SuperCuts (tone it down). Everyone else (actors) as far as looks go,look the part. Oh nope one more Alice character was described to be a pixie type (in stature)but anyway I’m still sooooooooo excited about seeing the movie. ( Have twilight gear picked out to wear ready & counting the days) Yeah!!

Comment by renee

I think Robert Pattinson is the PERFECT choice. That photo was kinda blurry though. Kirsten Stewart is okay, but I guess becuase Bella is suppose to be an average looking girl. All the other vampires look great! And when you see the pix of Rob on the exlcusive twilight photos, he is freakin awesome and really looks like a vampire and kinda scary. But great cast.

Comment by Stella

well i think he’ll do an okay friends are incredibly obsessed with him (idk y) but ah well! yes he could work on the gaze and i totally am going to the midnight showing!!! i have my shirt and jacket and pins ready! just cuz i don’t like the actor doesn’t mean i don’t like the book! lolz!

Comment by whyucare

at first i thought eew. and i got really REALLYY angry because they were going to wreck the movie for me. but now i think hes pretty good. not perfect butt right. i mean anyone whose read the books will know theres no one that perfect. they cant possibly find the edward in ourr imagination. so yeah.. I LOVEE EDWARD CULLEN. =)

Comment by GeeGee.

when i heard that he was playing i was so dissapointed i wanted to cry!no joke.He is so wrong for Edward,edward is like a beautiful godess and angel…Why him!Wrong choice Stephanie!maybe they shouldnt have made the movie so the magic wouldnt have been lost now in p’d off!damit!

Comment by amanda

Robert Pattinson is the best person to play Edward Anthony Mason Cullen because he has a scary but sexy look

Comment by cloe

GO TEAM EDWARD/ROBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by cloe

He’s just plain ugly, and he has a weird square face. They could have atleast chosed someone who was hot.

I liked Stephanie Meyer’s first choice, Henry Cavill. That’s exactly how I pictured Edward!

Comment by Nikki

I think the beauty of Rob is that he is not perfect…
In fact he is imperfectly perfect. As Edward he has super human strength but a body that speaks nothing of that ability(muscles).
A face that you cant forget… he to me embodies Ed Cullen….it gives you, the women who have read the book…to see the film and feel the wonder, it is undeniable… handsome or not if you saw him out… you would look twice… in my case… Id probably never look away…
Stephanie, Im assuming when she wrote the book, wanted to make Edward the object of every girls affection that touched twilight.
I think most of the girls that hate the idea of Rob… will be like Bella in the book… confused and in the end….irrevocably smitten….

Comment by Ashley

Personally, I think Robert Pattinson is great for Edward. Sure, Tom Sturridge and Gaspard Ulliel are better looking, but Edward’s got the vampire aura with him. He’s also got the Greek-god essence. He’s a great actor, and I’m sure the movie will be awesomely dramatic. (although, i do think if Drew Barrymore were still 18 she’d make a great Bella. Don’t get me wrong though, Kristen Stewart is fine.)

Comment by ell

He is very close to what I pictured while reading the twilight series. Now, having seen bits of his performance, I don’t think anyone could have been more perfect for the part. I’m thrilled Robert Pattinson will be portraying Edward Cullen.

Comment by D. Collins

Look I agree with most people..robbert has a scrawny body, a weird, freakishly gaze and his hair is so not Edward, it makes him look more anorexic than he already is but as time passed I’ve gotten used to the idea of him acting the role of Edward because he has good acting skills. I just have few requests.1. that he gains weight 2.he look semi-handsome when they fix his face on pictures so I encourage summit entertainment to do the same on the movie because he needs to be hot if not twilight will lose a lot of fans and when the second movie rolls around nobody will want to see the movie.

Comment by jessica alfaro

Robert Pattinson IS PERFECT FOR THE JOB. He makes vapires HOT in every way. And I’m happy that they chose him. Also thast the movie is coming out on the 21 !!

Comment by tony

Coming from a guys oppinion he fits the vampire look pretty well. All you girls complaining he isnt hot enough well jessica alba is hotter than kate beckinsale but she would be a terrible vampire… and why would a vampire need muscles when they have super natural powers??? they would need to bench press a car or something…

Comment by Brian

Seriously…people should quit judging Pattinson’s performance before it comes out.
You never know, he might be great!

I think he’s hottt!!
Some of the images on the web really show him looking almost exactly as how i imagined Edward to be.

Comment by Mia

Ok people, I think we’re forgetting that Edward is supposed to be PERFECT! Who can play that? As for the ‘gaze’ I don’t think anyone could pull that off the way that Stephanie writes it.Everyone has different ideas of what is perfect. Personally I think Robert is pretty hot, and who knows, he’ll probably do a great job, he was pretty good in Harry Potter.

Comment by Melanie

robert as edward would be the bomb.

he is perfect for the part!

Comment by shanee

I personally didnt like who they chose for Edward, and Rosalie isnt as pretty as i thought…The actors could have been chosen more wisely!

Comment by Kurstee

Gaspard Ulleil would have been the hottesttt edwardddd

Comment by blahhh

honestly when you really think about it though….who actually looks the way all of us have pictured Edward? no one. Because no one is as perfect as he as in looks. I think the only thing that is going to make anyone feel better, no matter who they would have cast, is seeing the movie and seeing how well Robert pulls it off. You know that Stephanie would not have agreed to ANYONE that would put any of her characters to shame. She cares too much about them to ruin it in the movie. Im just eager to see how it all comes together on the big screen….

Comment by Con

man robert is sexy he is sooo perfect for edward

Comment by trinh huynh

OMG!!!!! I personally think that Robert Pattinson is the absolute best choice for Edward!!! I love the books and Robert and he is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Rob will do an amazing job in my opinion!!!!!!!!

Comment by amy rinolds

ugh it pisses me off when ppl say that rob pattinson is ugly!!!! he is not! i personaly think he is the perfect choice for edward, he is exactly how i thought edward should look : GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Comment by Amanda

Seriously people, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I know that the actor chosen to play Edward will carry off the best possible perfect man we all love and adore. He really does have that look in his eyes that can catch you off guard when you least expect. He’ll do great and will surprise us all.

Comment by jenna

Honestly, I think the people that they chose for both Edward and Bella was very disappointing. Edward supposed to be unbelievably gorgeous, and have a handsome presence about him. The person they chose, is cute, but not Edward looking at all. Honestly, the person that’s playing Bella isn’t right either, because she’s supposed to be fair looking, that matches with Edward. In my opinion I don’t think Bella in the movie is that pretty. In the book there’s so much hype on appreance, and seeing the main characters as who they are, was disappointing to me.

Comment by alexandra

i think robert is a good choice!!!!!!!!!!
he’s cute and sexy!

Comment by katrina

he’s the right one…
besides you can’t change it anymore..

Comment by katrina

hiiii erm we hate the guy that plays edward!!!! he is not prefect he is crap!!!!+ stinks like pooooooooo! oh yeah baby!!! wayyyy

Comment by scaz + rozzii

I loooove Robert Pattinson!!!! I wish to have another Emmeth and other girls, but else I love the cast!!! Go on!!

Comment by Oda

I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!! Great choice

Comment by Nicole

one literature and communications professor told me, “Literary works that are made into film shouldn’t be compared. If you do, you’ll just end up being disappointed.”

So…c’mon guys! We all love what we’ve read… Stop complaining please…

Comment by myra

WOO HOO!!!! The movie comes out in almost a week! I love Rob, he is the perfect actor for Edard’s part. I dont care if all you haters think he looks nothing like the Edward you pictured. As long as he does an awesome job, who should care what he looks like. And the rest of the cast, perfect as well. The movie is gonna be great, especially since Steph helped write thi script to make it represent the book better.;P
Lots of Luv Steph!:heart:

Comment by Dai

I think the role as Edward is perfect. Bella, on the other hand, I don’t know what they were thinking… Yeah she is not supposed to be the prettiest thing, but while I was reading Twilight, I expected something better. I am debating whether or not I want to see this movie. I hope it doesn’t ruin the book!

Comment by Kassie

you guys are so harsh. jeez, roberts an amazing edward.=]

Comment by melissa

i think kristen stewart is perfect for bella and i think rob pattinson is perfect for edward. i actually think the entire cast is perfect. cant wait for the movie!

Comment by Jenna

I think Robert is a really good chice…was really excited when i heard he was playing him!! Also the girl playing Bella is exactly what i imagined her to be!! I can’t wait for the movie…so excited xxx

Comment by kate

Okay guys, Robert Pattinson is freakin’ hot and Kristen Stewart is even better for Bella than Rob is for Edward. Chill out.

Comment by ell

robert pattinson does suit Kristen Stewart because i love kristen stewart,hope someday i will mary you kristen stewart. plz read this message kristen stewart and reply me onmy e-mail id to know more about my love for you at

Comment by salman

ii reconzz he makes a great Edward!!
in some of the Twilight picturezz he,z even got thatt
gothic lookk aboutt him!!

Comment by Lana

Its almost here!!!!!!!!! Almost a month to go, then we all can enjoy the best movie ever made!!!! I cant wait, this will be a gret flick.
I ❀ the casting, everyone is absolutely perfect for this movie. I dont care what yall think, Rob is a great pick for Edward. The only problem I got is Emmetts hair, they didnt make it long and curly. Oh well, well all live through this, no matter how the movie turnes out.

This is going to be the best movie theyve made this year!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

Comment by karmenn

I have read the whole series and quite frankly I think the cast choices are pretty much as close as you can get. I totally understand the cast and why Rob was chosen, he is GORGEOUS! Obviously some people haven’t been watching the trailers and clips from the movie, Pattinson definitely has the Edward gaze and he and Kristen definitely have that pull between each other.

Comment by Red

kristen stewart is ugly and has a cleft chin and sounds manlier than robert. i realize bellas not supposed to be pretty but come on now. and i wouldnt complain as much if she could act bella, but ive seen the first half of the movie and had to turn it off because it was so bad. i was incredibly disappointed. making twilight into a movie was a huge mistake.

Comment by amanda

I don’t really like Robert as Edward (to tell the truth, a lot of my friends think the same way). I’m not saying that he’s ugly – well of course he looks good, especially in the harry potter films, but he’s really lacking that perfect gaze which you would expect from the Edward described in the book. Bella looked okay in pictures but I can’t stand the trailer. I have no idea how you guys think about this movie but it definitely ruined the book for me.

Comment by Shirley

nobody ever said edward was perfect…except bella. maybe to her this is the perfect guy…who knows? maybe she only sees him that way because she is in love with him. anyway STOP TRASHING HIM!!! the magic of twilight comes form edward and bella’s love for each other…NOT EDWARDS HOTTNESS!!!!

~~i dont think he was the best choice, only because he is such an ass in real life…but still, as long as he can play it rite…

Comment by sophie

I think that they picked an almost perfect cast, although it is very difficult to please everyones imagination. The thing is though, off camera you see, lets say Robert or Kristen, and they are so not Bella and Edward that it kind of ruins the fantasy 😦 for me anyway

Comment by Alexa

give it a rest , he’s doing all he can ,to be the same Edward we all know from the book . he doesn’t want to dissapoint the fans because , he knew that , if he couldn’t pull it off , we will be dissapointed ! and i agree with Sherrell , the author thought , that Robert will be a perfect Edward , because he greated Edward , not you ! i think that Robert will be a great Edward . He is handsome , has a perfect face ,he is intelligent , ther’s sincerity in his eyes , he has a perfect smile and he is just like i imagene Edward .
When i read the book , i had already seen the trailer of the movie . all the time , when i read , i pictured Robert as Edward and Kirsten as Bella , and they were perfect .
so just deal with it !

Sorry if i have any letter mistakes , because i’m from Estonia . πŸ™‚

Comment by Kertu

Are you blind, you Robert haters????
Mr. Pattinson is goooorrrrrgeous!!!! What’s great about him, aside from his incredible eyes, is that HE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSE! Yeah, I guess he has a James Dean thing going on, but he’s unique! His eyes, lips, jawline. And versatile, he can look dangerously haunting when he has “that look” in his eyes, yet soooo Hugh Grant charming when he smiles. His entire face lights up! If he can pull playing Edward Cullen and SALVADOR FRICKING DALI off… he’s got a bright, bright, bright future ahead of him! Oh, right… AND he’s a musician! Beat that suckers! Just look at the “Entertainment Weekly” photos of him and open your eyes and mind!

Comment by bm

I think that he can play the caracter.
And he is so hot. Your always gonna judge people by their looks. if you dont like him as Edward then dont watch the movie. The movie is gonna be awesome! xoxo

Comment by Jessi

Robert is seriuslu hot πŸ˜› He can play Edward, the movie is going to be awesome!! πŸ˜€
Robert Pattinson ❀ ❀

Comment by Bella

Okkay seriously i don’t know why everyone is complaining. sure i mean robert might not be the BEST choice for edward but he’s not the worst. the only thing is his gaze and i can’t imagine him doing some of the things in the books like in eclipse some of the more romantic scenes. he doesn’t really fit it. but still he’s been casted. they signed him. the movie’s made. no amount of complaining is gonna change anything. a lot of people keep saying that because of the actors the movie is ruined. but everyone knows the movie is NEVER as good as the book. if you claim to be such a die hard twilight fan then quit complaining! at least they’re coming out with one. who knows maybe robert won’t be such a bad edward? at least they didn’t pick some butt ugly actor to do the role. everyone sees the posters and stuff and those pictures aren’t really the best ones of him. at least watch the movie before you start judging anything. give him a freaking chance. complaining is just ruining it for everyone else. everyone thinks edward has to be amazingly hott and gorgeous. yeah newsflash: he doesn’t exist! he’s a fictional character. and no matter how much you dream and fantasize about him he’s steal not real! if you think robert is such a bad edward you go try and find a better one. i gaurantee you someone somewhere will still be complaining. just get over it and be happy there is a movie.

oh and i’m actually realyy excited for twilight to come out.
i’m so happy they bumped up the date.
already bought my ticket.
two more dayss!

Comment by Ashlee

I don’t think anyone can judge whether or not Robert Pattinson will be a good Edward. Not yet, at least. The movie isn’t even out yet!

Robert is pretty darn attractive to me, and from what I can tell from trailers, images, etc. he seems to appear very Edward-like. I can easily imagine him in Edwards role as I read the books.

BUUUTTT it all comes down to actually viewing the movie before we can decide, in our opinions, if he plays Edward Cullen justice.

Comment by Tana

I think Robert Pattinson is the perfect choice for Edward! He is exactly what I pictured in my mind when I pictured Edward. It is the casting for Bella that I have a problem with. I think Kristen Stewart is too pretty. Bella is supposed to be a plain jane, pale in comparison to the beauty of the Cullens and Kristen Stewart doesn’t fit that part.

Comment by Melanie

Robert is perfect for the role of Edward.
And the Bella that was chosen was bad.
It didn’t fit the part
and after seeing the movie
i think she ruined it for me.

Comment by ayumi

I am hoping to see it monday. I absolutely love Robert. i am not sure why, but every time I look at him, i get the chills (the good kind πŸ™‚ and yes, i have seen the trailers, images, etc., and I thoroughly think that Kristen as Bella is totally going to ruin the movie…but I might watch it anyway just to pause it on a scene with Edward in it!!

Comment by Davanee Marie

Are you guys crazy? I admit that I was worried a little at first that this movie, due to the casting, would come off a little teeny but after seeing the film I think that the casting is PERFECT…

Comment by Dani

i think u are all ridiculous…its a MOVIE everone has different opinions and everyone envisioned it differently in their head when reading the books, suck it up and deal with it..its ridiculous that u are all sitting here bitching about edward…he may not be the hottest but for those who wanted tom welling and men like that, they are cute and look harmless…can u honestly see urself being afraid of them? NO so they would not be the right part for edward…he is…meyer wrote the book, this is who she envisioned…u all claim to love her and her books…just sftu, this is what she created that is what she envisioned…shut up and be open minded when u see the movie…its not going to be exactly what u saw in ur head while reading, but it is really good

Comment by Logan

Robert is the perfect choice for Edward. He is phenomenal in the role, and hotter than I ever expected. I am officially a Robert Pattinson fan!! He might be the hottest actor out right now!!!

Comment by cayce

wow i personally thought hes perfect ya ipictured edward differently but i like robert he suits the role if you guys all think that hes not then maybe you need help maybe not i loved his acting in the 4th harry potter movie yes im a nerd but i can say for myself that i think robert is gorgeous ^^ && i saw him in twilight i thought he did ok i cant wait to see new moon i hear it should be out by 2010 maybe sooner :] β™₯

Comment by xdesieredx

omg im a total fan of twilight and the movie was great and edward/robert pattinson is the hottest guy and for me he is the one who made the movie really good if he wasnt in it omg but now im a total fan of rober pattinson he is a hotty! i cant wait 4 new moon but that is the saddest book ever

Comment by Danielle

at first i was questionable on whether rob pattinson was going to be able to pull the part off well..but i was blown away in the movie and definitly think he was an amazinggg choicee..he’s sexy, cute, and fits the vivid descriptions stephanie meyer writes in her book

Comment by michelle k


Comment by MISS SKYLER

As I read all these comments dissing Robert for not being the “magestic” vampire everyone was expecting, I think that everyone needs to realize that the way Stephanie described Edward in the book is so detailed, and not just with his looks, but also the way he acts, which is why I think we are all so deeply attracted to him. The cast did a great job in the movie, so stop hatin!

Comment by Brittney

ROBERT PATTINSON…is hott and did a perfect job playing edward…he went deeper into the character then just what meets the eye….he plays the edward that we meet in midnight sun…..the movie doesnt make him look like a perfedt guy the way he seems in twilight…..he show us that ecwars ia a SEMI regular flawed guy….twilight is from belles perspective so of course she overlooks those flaws….he did a great job bringing out the real edward and not just what bella sees…

Comment by kayla

You guys are hating hard :S For those of you who seem to think that Edward should be a more muscular character your imaginations are flawed. If you had payed any attention you would have read in “Twilight” that he isn’t supposed to be buff, Bella noticed his lean muscles underneath. LEAN being the keyword here. Robert is the best they could have chosen. The end. sheesh.
All the comments saying “you should have chosen this person or that person” most of them don’t look dangerous… hello? he has to be intimidating in a quiet way and take a look Patterson’s perfect. Another point about the “hot” alternatives is they all have intense looks, you need Edward to have that delicate ‘perfectness’ – robert has it.

Comment by Kaila

I have reservations about Robert playing Edward, BUT I’m not going to condemn the casting until i see the whole film. From the trailers he looks like he fits the bill, i wasn’t mad about him harry Potter but there was just something about him i can’t out my finger on… Then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
I was looking at a few of the preference higher up, some people were going to have problems with any1 of them, Ben Barnes would have been my option just for the record but i’m not throwing out Rob just yet. but thinking ahead how in Gods name is the actor Jacob going to morph in the next film, he fits the bill now but i’m being put off the idea of the same actor in New Moon or Ecilpse if they decide to use him, can’t imagine him being umm very buffed out in such a short time frame!

Comment by Lucy

The movie was fantastic.The cast was perfect.Both the leading actor and actress were exceptional. The actor who played Edward was phenomonal. In the scene where he is explaining to Bella how he was a born predator he describes not only himself perfectly but it was incredibly sexy. I loved the whole thing and can’t wait til it comes out on DVD.

Comment by trai

are you guys fricken crazy? edward is the most gorgeous person on the face of the earth. he is absolutely beautiful. i just saw twilight this weekend….. you have to see the movie before you judge him. <33

it was the best movie i have ever seen really. :o)

Comment by ivie

I think Robert will do a great job of playing Edward I mean come one he’s got that cool bad boy look and he’s HOTT!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Comment by Rachel

i saw the movie the first day it came out…and…well…Robert was PERFECT…it was awsome i loved it!!!!!!!!i totally laughed my butt of when Rosalie pitched!!it was SOOO funny…ps.i still laugh when i think about it !!!!!!!!:) πŸ™‚

Comment by i love edward

I saw the movie and I think he did an EXCELLENT job as Edward, however, they could have done better with Bella. The 2 actors just didnt have the chemistry that I would expect Edward and Bella to have…I also just finished the last book (I was a slow Twilight fan lol) now Im sad, what the heck am i going to read now???

Comment by Toni

i think robert did absolutely amazing playing edward:)…keep ur head up baby:)…dont let these stupid girls get to you k…ur amazing:)

Comment by xoxo

eeew this is so disappointing he is so disgustin jensen ackles would be better he is wayyyyyyyy hottttttttttter!!!!!!!!

Comment by sylvia

Oh my gosh!!!
i just saw the film and it’s so AMAZING i… i don’t really know what to say i’m speakless…
Robert Patterson is THE BEST guy (or shall i say GOD) to play Edward he’s just… PERFECT!!

Comment by Rachel

i actully think that Robert wasn’t such a bad idea for the role of Edward. He kinda has a creepy shaped face.. Lol, but the movie turned out great!

Comment by Paige

I love Robert Pattinson!! I’m sooooo glad he’s playing Edward!! He’s absolutely perfect!!!

Comment by ME

I think he is attractive, unique, skilled and i was excited to see him snag the role. I have also seen the movie now and I know that he was the right choice!

Comment by Jackie O

I saw the movie on the 22 n I thought it was awesome!!
Robert did an excellent job!he’s not da cutesy guy or anything but he was ok except for his weird shaped face

Comment by taylor

This is for all the people calling Robert Patinson ugly. Why don’t you just go look in the mirrior befor you start trashing someone else. Pritty sure not everyong will say you are gorgeous.

Comment by Bradina

The only reason to watch the movie is because he’s in it. Other than that, I would have walked out.

Comment by Christine

OMG!!!! HE IS THE PERFECT PERSON!!!! My gosh, you guys. He is the best actor that lived!

Comment by Hannah

Omgness ok the movie is made you cant keep dissin him just accept it and i think he will be an awesome edward (have yet to see the movie) and no one is perfect so give him a break you can have your opinion but what if it was U? think about that and i think robert is HAWT! And so what about the gaze hes only human(a very hot human if i may point out)

Comment by lisa

Robert pattison is the beter!
he’s so cute and hot, henry is very hot too!
but i can’t imagine an other person like Edward
he’s perfect and robert too!
good choice!
i love robert!
rosalie ugly! i supossed that she will be pretty…. yuck!

Comment by luz!*

I really like the movie!!!!they look good with each other.Also, robert was so hot.everybody were shouting when the movie started.I really enjoyed it a lot.

Comment by Leydz_12

I thought it would be awful with him but he was really good

Comment by Jesse

Oh em gee. i think he was really good in the movie. lets all stop being haters and appreciate the movie and book cause we all know we lovvve the book

Comment by Natty Yeung

oh my gosh!! i totally robert was a PERFECT choice he is sooooo hot and i LOVEDD the movie!! and if you havnt seen the movie and you dont want to i think you totally should cuz that movie sooo amazinggg

Comment by Lydia

Robert Pattinson, very good looking. Great choice in the movie! To me he stands out. Kristen Stewart was a good choice too, she is very pretty. Who said Tom Welling was perfect for the part? I dont think he would look the part, he doesnt have a mysterious look.

Comment by Sarah

i think robert is perfect for the part hes so hott and theres something mysterious about him…like he realy is keeping a secret its a perfect match, i just wish i could have met him especialy before he bacame famous πŸ™‚ maybe i would have had a chance lol hes so sexy!!

Comment by randi

I definitely like Robert Pattinson as Edward, because he is sooo HOT!!

Comment by Annabeth

I love Robert!!!! He is sooooo hot!!! And the movie was great 2!!!!

Comment by Siobhan

Edward is cool jacob is cool james is cool bella is cool. I LIKE BELLAS DADDY xD lol .

Comment by rawrraw

omg i am so in love with Robert Pattinson he is the hottest ever

Comment by Some one

you people are all crazy, He is un-
beleivably beautiful! He pulled off
Edward’s character perfectly.Let us
not forget the film adaptation of
Anne Rice’s “Interview With a
Vampire”. When it was discovered
that, of all people in the world,Tom
F’ckn Cruise was to play the Vampire
Lestat, the entire world cried out,
including,Anne Rice herself.Even
though Cruise was roughly 15yrs older
than Lestat’s character,not to mention a
maniacal twit!…Cruise surprised everyone,including Mrs.Rice.He
became the Vampire Lestat, in every
mannerism, gesture,and word. However
Rice’s “Queen of the Damned” film adaptation
to do with the book.Even the characters
appearences and storylines were changed.
example:Akasha was NOT BLACK!!!!In the book her skin was golden bronzed from being
set into the sun.
My point is,its just a movie,
show-business, not book business.i am
just happy the made the trilogy into
film. Dont worry kids, there are
worst things in the world!

Comment by amberly

It was amazing. i don’t know what everyone’s complaining about… he’s great. And kind of adorable cute. =]

Comment by Oy Vey

When I first read Edwards character I immediately thought of Robert Pattinson. That chisled jaw, gorgeous face, yep, hes definately Edward Cullen. Couldnt be happier with either him or Bella.

Comment by Nat



Comment by taija

Rob did Edward’s character PERFECTLY!
I couldn’t believe how great he was. It was amazing. He did everything absolutely perfect. He is exactly what I pictured Edward would look like.

Comment by Catelin

I think that robert is a very good choice, I think he really pulled off edward very well, to me he is everything i pictured edward looking like.

Comment by stephanie

robert waz the best acter. his face is so sexy and sharp and he is very atractive and the girl was good. they should be togethere in real life. im sure robert would make a very good boyfriend ,i wonder if hes a virgin?? hes to cute to be one anyways.

Comment by nuka

He is a good choice at first I didnt think so but then they put this makeup on him and he looked gud but he needs to work on the Edward gaze…….Kristin Stewart not a good choice

Comment by darianne

I have seen the movie Twilight a couple times and I think Robert Pattinson did an amazing job playing Edward Cullen. I admire his uniqueness and yes, he is very good-looking. I think he did great at portraying Edward’s captivating personality and was a great choice to play the character. Personally, I pictured Edward to look a lot like Robert, but that’s just me.

Comment by Cailin

Edward(robert) is fine! :] ..but then again any vampire would be hot πŸ™‚
the girl is pretty too
perfect cast..i think anyway πŸ˜€
plus the music in the movie was awesome!
go Paramore and Muse yeahh!

Comment by rox

..also the almost sex scene, [too bad there wasnt] was awesome haha! ..imagine robert in your bedroom πŸ˜‰

good actor, i love him!

Comment by rox

well i think sum choices were bad like the rest of his family jasper, and others like angela, mike, and stuff but robert well he gives off that pale complection nicely he doesnt seem to fit all that gud but who else is there with skin like that and hair and wud suit the eyes so he was a gud choice but then again bella i reckon she shudda bee a bit bigger just a little ya no so she wasnt perfect in that body way just my opinion people love twilight cant stop thinking about it

Comment by merinda

The movie isn’t good,in my opinion..nothing is like the book..nothing.I’m disappoint!But Robert and Kristen are perfect for interpret Edward and Bella,and they very good-looking together!They’re a good choice

Comment by Laura

edward is soooooo fucking sexy…..

Comment by mili

i think he was perfect….the face,hair n wardrobe everything perfect i wish i could be in the movie with him i dont like whoever played bella edward is super hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lil mrs.cullen

i wish he would bite me

Comment by chelsey

Robert was perfect for the movie i wish i played in it with him…..the looks he made,his eyes,his hair,and everything look back to the book n how they describe him it fits the role of Edward perfectly n he is super HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by chelsey

Robert Patinnson/Edward Cullen sooooooooooo hot!!!

Comment by animalistically edward

I think Robert is sooo hott! I’m glad they picked him, I saw the movie and I LOVED it, I’ve also read all the books and I think he is the perfect choice for Edward. The rest of the cast was amazing too!

Comment by Brigid

okay, well i think robert is absolutely amazing and plays the part perfectly. what is wrong with you people??? he is BEAUTIFUL and talented…i wish i could see pictures of all these people who are so critical…ha

Comment by farren

WHO SAID HES UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES THE HOTTEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lea

I think Robert is a good choice for Edward, Yeah I had my doubts like everyone else. No movie matches up to the book, the book is always better. I’m sure Robert will do a great job! He is obviously good enough if he got the part in the first place, they wouldn’t exactly have just picked him at random.. I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH IT.! even though I know I will be comparing it to the book.

Comment by Gemma

Are you guys kidding?
Gaspard Ulliel looks nothing like the Edward described in the books, and he also looks just like a girl.
Robert has similar features to Edward described in the book. Jaw, posture, lightly scrawny…

I think you all are entirely too harsh an Robert Pattinson for this role. I’ve seen the movie and I feel as if it was an excellent choice.
And the chemistry the two have is unbelievable, which I dont think ANY other actor could have pulled off.

Your mental picture of Edward and Robert may not be anywhere close.
Oh and the epitome of perfection is different with everyone, I believe perfection is being unconventionally beautiful, which Robert is.

Comment by callie

Yo, people! The movie is AWESOME!!!!!! I watchet it like three days ago, and OMG Robert is the besty actor for Edward! The only thing that I wasnt satisfied with was when they confronted James and his coven in the baseball clearing, they didnt sound like they were growling. It sounded like they were hissing through thier teeth more less. oh well,. i still think it was the best movie of the century!!!!!XD

SPARKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! squeals!!

Comment by Kale

I saw the movie last night, and I think that Robert was perfect. The whole Cullen family was excellently cast. I haven’t read the book yet (but will soon) but I loved the movie. Robert (Edward) and Kristen (Bella) are excellent as the main characters and they have so much chemistry between them. Wonderful! Two thumbs up.

Comment by Kay

robert pattinson is the hottest person ever he plays the part perfect and who ever says that he looks bad or gay then so are you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by sam

I think Robert Pattinson is PERFECT for the role of Edward Cullen. Of course everyone has their own opinion of ‘Edward’ but if Stephanie Meyer thinks hes the person to play Edward, well shes probably right =)
Robert, your going to rock this part!

Comment by Stacie

Guys, anyone freaking out here are stupid. First of all, I understand Edward is very captivating in the books and easy to fall in love with, but he IS FICTIONAL. So relax. They are not destroying the love of your life… and if they are then u need to desperately put down the books and go meet some people. Secondly, I am American and have already seen the movie and I thought he did a very good job portraying Edward… especially as the movie got going. Remember, the book is ALWAYS better than the movie version of a story and thats because you can imagine it you way. But for a movie version, I thought he did great. Now stop making yourselves sound dumb.

Comment by Jules


[Note from Admin: Now, now, now, let’s not start calling each other kakaheads, or any other kind of head. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.]

Comment by Diana Savras

I haven’t read the book.But I think people shoild realize it’s fiction and what you imagine.I think Robert is great he certainly made me feel like he was a vampire his voice,the way he moved everything.I thought everyone suited there part perfectly.

Comment by Hesma

I think..robert is a beautiful,clever,sexy boy…I’d like robert is going to be my boyfriend..i like him very much..:Xi love him:X

Comment by cristina

[Admin’s note: I’m letting this one slide, but I don’t want to hear people telling each other to shut up. Everyone is welcome to share their opinion!]
If you guys will just SHUT UP!
Jeez….u guys r so mean!
Have u seen pictures of Robert? HES SO HOTT!
Edward is a makebeleive charicter! Of coarse he isnt going to be what everyone IMAGINED…jeez…
He was FREAKING amazing in the movie Twlight, and i REALLy hope hes in the next movie. Il admit that hes not * photogenic*, but neither am i, and im sure neither are alot of you!
HES SO HOT and Is Stephanie Meyer says that hes the part, then shes probaly right! So just giv it up. Let me break it up 4 u…. HES HOT-HES PLAYING THE PART- SO SUCK IT UP AND STOP MAKING UR SELF LOOK LIKE FOOLS!

Comment by Vickey

You people are weird.I saw the movie, and I think Robert did a HECK of a good job. He really made me get into the movie. Everything about him said vampire. Plus, he is totally gorgeous. He is SO no eww. *rolls eyes*

Comment by Michelle

I love the cast. Robert Pattinson was a great choice, not only because of his looks he played the chracter well. Also because he was a hunk the people (girls)wanted to see the film more and more making it gain more profit.

Comment by Becky

Whatre you all complaining about? That was the best movie ever!!!! Jeez, you peeps need to lighten up, no nees to go A-WOL on rob…

Comment by Wei

i think for a person who like me who is not a twilight fan or of the books and see the movie well let me just tell you that EDWARD WAS SEXIE and since i saw the movie im now reading twilight and going to read the next one NEW MOON then the next after that i think the movie was good yeah i know the book has more detail but i dont none of ya trying 2 put a 500 page book in a 1 hour movie i thank stepheinie because she can write and she should write untill her hands break lol because the book is really good and EDWARD OMG IS SO SEXIE i hope all the same characters are in the next movie cause if they aint it just makes me upset and bored lol but i think its going 2 be good

Comment by rather not say

Why people said that Robbert was “ugly”???
my friends and I thought that he is a good actor and good enough as Edward Cullin.
REMEMBER!!! “No bodies perfect guys!!!”
Robbert’s sight (eyes) was figured as a dead human. his act was like a romantic vampire, his smile was good enough as a vampire. we love him so much!!!
give a chance to him, he is good you know!!!!

Comment by Nela Anggraini


Comment by JESSICA

all u guys are idiots and know what you are talking about. the movie was great the cast was perfect. like ANY of you could have done better!

Comment by Joss

the movie is awesome!!!!! ive watchet it like fifty times now(not kidding. i loved the cast, they worked great! cant WAIT till new moon comes out!!!!!! πŸ˜€

Comment by Marie

OMG!Rob is sooooo perfect for the part!No offense but u people who don’t like him are sooooooo TOTALLY INSANE!PS. he has the gaze perfect!

Comment by Kayla

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